Asos coat and tartan scarf outfitThree years ago I was in my second year of university, and seemed to have all the time in the world to write blog posts. I think at one point I had a new blog post going live every day, which when I think about it now, is absolutely crazy! At the time I really enjoyed having so much free time and being able to fill it with blogging. The whole process of reviewing my favourite beauty products, photographing them and then writing it all up was something I loved doing. Not once did it start feeling like a chore. I had my blog schedule and routine and liked sticking to it.

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Orelia Skincare Botanical Cream DeodorantDeodorant isn’t something I would usually choose to blog about, but this one is a product I can’t not talk about on here. Introducing the Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant – a deodorant that comes in a pot! After seeing this deodorant featured in a magazine and so many people raving about it, I knew it was something I had to try for myself. View Post


Braintree Freeport Beauty HaulAs you would have read in my last sale post, I’m not usually one to go sale shopping. I’m more of an online shopping kinda girl… But this time I made an exception. After waiting a few days for the mad sale shopping rush to die down, my boyfriend and I headed over to Freeport in Braintree to take a wander round the shops there.

Freeport is a designer shopping outlet with over 40 different shops. I normally go there to visit The Body Shop because they always have such amazing offers on there. I never have much luck with the clothing shops though. They have some nice things but a lot of the things I like are either still quite expensive or they don’t have my size.

After hearing that they had two new beauty shops open in Freeport, I knew that I needed to pay them a visit. All in all, the trip was very successful, even though I probably spent a lot more than I should have… So I thought I would do a haul to show you some of the amazing bargains I picked up!

W7 Beauty Outlet

W7 Outlet Store Haul in Braintree Freeport

This was one of the two new beauty shops that has opened in Freeport and it was absolutely filled to the brim with makeup. As it is a W7 beauty outlet, the majority of the makeup was (you guessed it) W7, however there was a number of other brands like Rimmel, Stila, O.P.I, Nails Inc and more. It took me quite a while to get round the whole shop…

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in I’m Feeling Sashy

There were so many shades of O.P.I polishes to choose from – I definitely could have come home with a lot more! But as this was the first shop we went in, I thought I should probably pace myself. I saw this beautiful dusty purple shade and loved it instantly. I don’t have any other nail polishes in shades like this, so it made a good addition! It was £6.99, which is quite good considering the RRP is £12.50.

W7 Crease and Concealer Brushes

These wacky looking makeup brushes have been on my wishlist for a while now. They had a big set of these for £40, which I was tempted by but I thought it would be better to try a couple out first. I picked up the crease brush (£4.99) and the concealer brush (£2.99). Both of them are so soft!

Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry Crush

I have such big love with lip stains. I find them so much more natural looking and something I can wear everyday, as I usually save bright lipsticks for the evening. This one has a little brush on the end so you twist the product up for a little bit to be dispensed. It is a really beautiful colour and for £6.99, I thought it was a bit of a bargain as the RRP is £16. If they had other colours I would have definitely been tempted to pick up a few more!

Stila Lip Glaze in Sugar Plum

As all the festivities are now over, it can be a bit of a slump getting through January. So what better time to hold a giveaway! I picked up the Stila Lip Glaze as I already have two of these and love them, so thought they would be a great prize to giveaway.

Stila All Over Shimmer in Rose Gold

I also got this to include in my giveaway because who doesn’t love rose gold?! It is such a pretty shimmer colour that you can brush over your cheeks or brow bone. I kind of wish I had picked one up for myself as it is just such a pretty shade!

Head over to my twitter and see my pinned tweet to enter the giveaway to win these two Stila products!

The Cosmetics Company Store

The Cosmetics Company Beauty Haul

This shop sells more high-end makeup compared with the W7 outlet store. It has brands like Clinique, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and more. It is basically a bloggers dream! It is quite a small store, but it definitely has a good range of products at very good prices.

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Relentlessly Red

There wasn’t a huge range of Mac lipsticks to choose from, but I did see this colour and instantly fall in love with it. I feel like it isn’t very spoken about compared to other shades, which does actually surprise me. I would describe Relentlessly Red as a subtler coral pink/red with a beautiful matte finish. It cost £10 (RRP £15.50), which is a great price for it. I just wish there had been more colours there!

Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush and Highlight Palette in Culver City Coral

This one was a total bargain as it cost just £9 down from £25.50! With such pretty coral shades inside, I knew it would be a very great addition to my makeup bag. Especially as my beloved Benefit Coralista blush is running low! Inside the sleek compact you get two coral blushes, one slightly darker and one more pinky, and also a lovely rose gold shimmer. This will be getting lots of wear for sure!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner

I always hear really great things about the Bumble and Bumble surf range, so when I saw this was even more reduced I thought I would give it a try. It was originally £21 down to £15.75 but was then reduced even further to £7.88. Hopefully it works for me!

The Body Shop

Bodyshop Haul

I love going in this Body Shop store in particular because I always come out with a great haul for very little money. This time I wasn’t left disappointed, although I kind of wish I had stocked up on a bit more now!

I picked up a 750ml bottle of Moringa Shower Gel, a Tea Tree blemish stick and two hand creams all for £6.10 would you believe?! I did have a £5 voucher on my Body Shop card, but still, I can’t believe how little this all cost. They always have these deals on where the more you buy, the bigger discounts you get off. But it is done by the amount of things you purchase, rather than the amount you spend which is absolutely great!

The Sunglasses Hut

Sunglasses Hut Erika Raybans

I didn’t actually go to Freeport expecting to pick up a pair of sunglasses… but I came out with some anyway! Admittedly I have wanted a pair of Erika Raybans for so long. So when we went into the Sunglasses Hut and saw that there was 30% off everything, I thought I should probably treat myself (just like I did with the bags filled with makeup from the other shops…oops!). These were originally £98 but I got them for £68 – a price I was very happy with!


Hollister Top from Freeport in Braintree

Finally I picked up this beautiful top from Hollister. I already have in in burgundy with an elephant print on it and wear it basically all the time. This black one cost just £4.99 so I couldn’t really leave without it! I don’t really shop in Hollister, apart from when I go to Freeport because I always find things for amazing prices!

I am well and truly spent out from this huge haul! I think my poor debit card needs a little bit of a rest now…

Have you ever visited Freeport? Did you pick up any bargains in the sales?

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I don’t know about you but I love finding a good bargain. However when it comes to sale shopping, I would much rather do it from the comfort of my own home. Sitting comfortably on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket browsing through websites sounds much more inviting that pushing my way through crowds of people and getting really stressed.

So I have scoured the internet in search of the best deals. I’m aware that this post might seem a little late, but some of these products have been reduced even more, which is great! So hopefully this post can help you find a few of your own bargains.

(I couldn’t fit these all on one page, so click the arrow on the left to view the rest)

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Eat Sleep Blog Repeat

First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you all celebrated in style last night. Staying in bed all day today, reading blog posts and binge watching netflix sounds like a plan…

Incase you haven’t already noticed, I haven’t been quite so active on my blog recently with my last post being towards the end of November. I hate taking breaks from blogging and messing up my posting schedule but I really just needed a break.

I have been blogging for over three years now (I think!) and since starting a full time job with hours from 9-6, it is exhausting trying to maintain a blog on the side. I was getting to the point where I was feeling so unmotivated with each of my posts and they were all beginning to feel really forced. I knew that I needed to have a break because the last thing I wanted to do was compromise the quality of my posts and put them up for the sake of it.

Another thing that was really annoying me with my blog was the fact that I wasn’t on WordPress. I work in a digital agency where the majority of our websites are based on WordPress, so coming back to my blog on blogger each time was really frustrating. Blogger was good for me when I first started blogging but it was becoming more annoying each time I realised the lack of flexibility it gave me.

It has taken me quite a while to get in moved over to WordPress but I have finally done it, all thanks to the help of Pipdig. After trying to transfer all my posts myself and ending up even more stressed, I decided it was time to get someone else onboard to do the job! Pipdig charge a fee of £95 and for this he will transfer all of your blog posts across (maintaining the same URL to maintain your SEO rankings).

The price also includes one of themes. I went for the Style and Light theme, which I am so happy with! So many little features have been added to these themes making them so easy to customise and make your own. I literally couldn’t believe it when I got access to the backend of my blog. Everything has just been made so easy!

£95 may seem a little steep initially, but the service is 100% worth it. Phil from Pipdig also got both my domain names set up ( and .com) and had my blog running within a week. There was no downtime whatsoever. My only regret is not making the move sooner!

Now my blog is up and running on WordPress I feel so much more motivated to get going again. I have written up a new blog post schedule so I know what post is going live on what day. Being organised with my posts means that I actually have time to plan them and create good quality content, which I hope you will all enjoy reading!

So in short, I am finally back and ready to start blogging again. I will be posting every Wednesday and Sunday, with posts going live at 8am on those mornings. I can’t wait to get back into it all again!

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