October 22, 2016

Review | The Body Shop Instaglow Peachy Glow CC Cream

 The Body Shop Instaglow Peachy Glow CC Cream
If you follow my instagram you will have seen that I recently popped to the Body Shop to pick up a few pieces. I love browsing through their ranges, but one thing I never really look at is the makeup. On this occasion I thought I would have a look. One particular product took my eye; the Instaglow Peachy Glow CC Cream.

October 19, 2016

My Current Haircare Favourites

Current Haircare Favourites

I haven't done a blog post on my haircare favourites in a while, so I thought now was a good time as I have come across an amazing shampoo and conditioner duo that has left my hair in amazing condition. Alongside a few other products, I feel like my hair is doing really well in terms of its growth and condition. As I haven't had a haircut in a little while, I am sure that I would have more split ends if it wasn't for these products.

October 15, 2016

False Lashes from Threads Beauty

Threads Beauty Angel Eye and Be-Bop False Lashes

Falsies. You either love them or hate them. Me? I have a mixed relationship with them. Normally when it comes to wearing them, I will have done all my makeup really nicely until it comes to putting the falsies on, it then goes one of two ways. On a good day the lashes look perfect and really natural. On a bad day they end up down my cheek with my eyelid covered in glue. But the only way to get better at applying them is through practice, right?

October 12, 2016

Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching, I know lots of people will be panicking about what to wear. Finding a costume is always difficult, let alone deciding what you want to dress as! So I have trawled through my favourite websites to pull together my favourites from their Halloween ranges, to make it as easy as possible for you to decide what to wear.