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The Breakfast Club Menu

Last weekend I went up to London with my two besties, Hannah and Candela, to celebrate our birthdays. They all fall kind of around the same time, so it was an excuse to treat ourselves! When we were deciding on what to do, The Breakfast Club came into the conversation. Both Hannah (Suitcase and Sandals) and I had never been, but Candela had said it was amazing for brunch. One glance at the menu on their website and I was completely sold.

We arrived outside The Breakfast Club at half ten on Sunday morning and there was already a bit of a queue. I think we ended up waiting in the rain for about twenty minutes… it was very cold and miserable weather but the wait was definitely worth it.

The Breakfast Club Hoxton Disco Ball

Inside, the interiors were really funky with disco balls hanging from the ceiling! We ended up in a little booth which was perfect for the three of us. We were originally seated on one of the long benches but not gonna lie, it wasn’t that comfortable, so we asked to move and the staff were very accommodating and had no problem with it.

The Breakfast Club Hoxton

All three of us ended up going for the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup – my absolute favourite! When they came out I was literally drooling. They were so delicious! I am one of those people that likes to drown my pancakes in maple syrup, so of course we had to ask for extra.

The Breakfast Club Menu


The Breakfast Club Bacon and Maple Syrup Pancakes


The Breakfast Club Bacon and Maple Syrup Pancakes

For drinks Hannah and I shared a pitcher of iced tea, which was also really nice and refreshing. We also got a fair few drinks from it. Iced tea is definitely one of my favourites! I know it is probably more of a summer drink, but it just tastes so good!

The Breakfast Club Iced Tea

I would love to go back to The Breakfast Club again sometime in the future. The food was amazing and the staff were also really friendly. I know we had to wait in the rain for a while to get in, but it was definitely worth it.

Because it was such a miserable day we were a bit short of ideas for what we could do that was inside! In the end we went bowling at All Star Lanes in Brick Lane. It is a really cute little bowling alley with a bar and nice booths to the side. After having not been bowling in a while it was great fun!

Have you ever been to The Breakfast Club?

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