Mapped Out | What’s On My Phone?

What's on my phone flatlayI’ve not done one of these posts before so I thought I would give it a go and share with you some of my favourite apps. I don’t really have too much on my phone as I don’t really have the space to download loads of things, but I do have a few good ones that I use regularly. They are also a bit muddled around- I don’t really have any form of organisation on my phone if I am honest… Oh, also if my phone looks a little dusty in any of the pictures- it’s not. It has a glittery screen cover on!

First up there is all my social apps, the regular Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat etc. I use these the most. To be honest I should probably put Bloglovin in this little box but instead it is floating around somewhere else on my phone. I don’t wanna go into too much detail about these apps as you most probably use all of them yourselves.

Mapped Out What's on my phone

Next I have my all time favourite photo editor, Afterlight. It only costs 89p I think and it is worth every penny! You can literally do so much with this app. I use it for the range of filters- my fave being captain. I also like to add borders to my images for Instagram so I use this app for that purpose too. I don’t use any other photo editors for Instagram, this is my favourite and does everything I need.

Afterlight App

Another app I use regularly is YOYO. This is an app you might not have heard of before as it is fairly new. It is a way of paying for things in my University café. It makes things so much easier! You just show your barcode on the app at the till, it gets scanned and voila, you have paid. It is so easy to top up with money as well. Everything about it makes paying for lunch that little bit quicker. It is definitely worth a look to see if your university use this.


Shpock is another app I am a big fan of. I regularly browse through the things people are selling on here. It is like a local eBay, without the extra costs. You can add things on here free of charge and people can collect them, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of postage. I love how easy it is to search for things in your area.

Shpock App

These are the few travel apps I use. As I commute to university, I am always on the National Rail app checking train times. City Mapper is another great app to find the quickest/cheapest way to a destination in London. I have the Uber app, but I have to admit I haven’t actually used it yet. I have £10 credit on there but I just haven’t needed to use them just yet. I am saving it for an emergency!

Travel Apps

And last but not least, Buzzfeed. Train journeys can be so boring, so there is nothing better than reading through the lists Buzzfeed puts up, with all the funny memes. I love going through them all- some are actually hilarious! Embarrassingly I find myself laughing out loud on the train at some of them. It is also a great app for keeping up to date with the news.

Buzzfeed App

My phone has also been sporting a new phone case*, provided by the lovely people at Kryptik Rose. I love this one because it curves over the front of the screen, but only slightly. I always worry about my phone when it has a case on that doesn’t do that because it has the risk of having the screen smashed if you drop it. The case has a beautiful print and isn’t too chunky. With iPhones, they are already quite big, so you don’t wanna add to the bulk! Kryptik Rose have so many other cases in various prints on their website if you fancy a browse.

Kryptik Rose Phone Case

Obviously this isn’t all my apps, but the rest are just the regular ones that most people have!
What are your favourite apps?

* PR Sample