My Gym Classes

I joined the gym I think around two months ago because I felt like I really needed to improve on my fitness. I was getting out of breath from stupid things like walking up the stairs- embarrassing! My friend already had a membership so we thought we could go to classes, the swimming pool and the gym together to try and motivate one another and so far it seems to be working! At the moment we do a mix of all three things like going swimming some mornings, going to classes other days and the gym.

I thought I would do a short blog post on some of the classes I go to as when I first saw them on the timetable I didn’t know what to expect myself. Some of them sound really daunting and the name of the class doesn’t really give much away. So here is my short description of my classes.


One of my favourite classes is most definitely aquafit or otherwise known as aqua aerobics. It is honestly so much fun! There is a misconception about this class that it is just for the older generation but this couldn’t be more from the truth. There is a whole mix of ages that attend aquafit. I really love this class mainly because it is in the water but also because it really does give you a good workout! Obviously this class will be a little different at each gym but mine mainly involves lots of moves using woggles, racing up and down the pool with a partner and then doing things like crunches in the deep end using the woggles. Honestly, it is so much fun! I definitely recommend going to the sauna afterwards if you can!


Another great class is yoga. I tend to do this on my rest days so I can relax my muscles. It really helps with stretching them out and has definitely helped my improve my flexibility. I have gone from being no where near being able to touch my toes to now being able to hold my hands on the floor. Another thing I have found with yoga is how much it has helped with my relaxation. There is such a huge focus on your breathing and relaxation throughout the class so you become really aware of your surroundings. It is extremely hard to completely relax but yoga definitely helps.

Body Vive

This is by far the hardest close I go to! It is a really aerobic focused class that sort of incorporates a dance routine with squats and lunges etc. The steps are all really easy to follow but you really do feel a burn in your muscles. I officially hate lunges after doing this class! You also get to do a bit of strength training with a resistance band or with small weights doing bicep curls. I usually take half a protein shake after this one because of the weight training.


I don’t actually go to zumba any more, but it used to be one that I regularly attended. When I first started, I really didn’t enjoy it. Everyone else that went knew all the moves because they were regulars, so you really have to keep going to remember what the moves are. The first few times you go, you really won’t feel like it has been much of a workout but just keep at it and you will soon be a natural!

Body Step

This one I guess is slightly more obvious what it entails from the name. Everyone in the class has a step and you do a work out to music with it. You really do work up a sweat in this one, much like Body Vive. You do this like squats, jumps and crunches etc all using the step. It definitely helps improve your muscle strength in your legs through all the jumping.

Body Balance

Body balance is one of the most popular classes at the gym as it is really hard to get on to. It is a mix between yoga and tai chi I think. At first it might seem a little bit weird but you soon get in to it. There are a lot of slow moving actions and stretches that are a slightly strange but like yoga, they really help with your flexibility and help to tone your body.

There are so many other classes I am still yet to try, like pilates and body combat but unfortunately I just don’t have the time at the moment! Hopefully in the future I will be able to try them all.

What are your favourite gym classes?

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