Finding a New Handbag

Fiorelli Mia Tan Medium Grab Bag

I am a huge handbag lover. I have so many different shapes, sizes, colours but I always seem to come back to my same trusty Michael Kors bag seen in my What’s in my Bag post. Unfortunately I have worn it so much now, that the strap has started to break *cry*. So I think it is about time that I switch to a new bag. I should really just get better at alternating, rather than using the same one for months at a time!

I now have a new bag to add to my collection and it is really different to my old one, even though it is easy enough to go for what you know and end up with something completely the same! I wanted something that wasn’t similar at all so went for this beaut, the Fiorelli Mia Tan Medium Grab Bag* (now reduced from £59 to just . It is perfect for every day use!

When I’m choosing a handbag, there are quite a few things I have to consider before buying it. I thought I would go through some of the main considerations, especially if you are looking to buy quite a pricey bag. You need to know that it is going to be suitable for its purpose!

Fiorelli Mia Tan Medium Grab Bag

 Handbag Size

One of the main things I look for with a handbag is the size. I need something that is going to fit quite a lot of stuff inside. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to what I keep in my handbag. After emptying out my old one, I found the bottom filled with hundreds of receipts, pennies, lip balms and more. I am definitely going to try and keep my new one cleaner inside, but I still need a lot of space to fit my junk. Although this Fiorelli bag is slightly smaller than my old one, it has so many compartments, which leads me onto my next point.

Fiorelli Mia Tan Medium Grab Bag


I like having lots of zip pockets to store my valuables like phone, money etc. So I always make sure my bags have some kind of area that stuff can be stored away. I am always really paranoid that without them, someone could just stick their hand in my bag and take what they wanted. This is why my new bag is so perfect, with endless compartments, I know I won’t have to worry about losing things when I am travelling around.

Fiorelli Mia Tan Medium Grab Bag


I usually only go for black bags. They go with everything and are just an easy option. This time I wanted to go for something different and thought tan was the next best colour. Again, it goes with most things but can definitely work as a more casual coloured handbag. Black can often look more formal, so tan is going to be a great colour to go with all my summer outfits.

Fiorelli Mia Tan Medium Grab Bag


Straps are the final thing I consider with a handbag. I hate bags that have a really small strap so you have to carry them on your forearm. I would much rather have a bag with a strap that can go over your shoulder. My new handbag is a ‘grab bag’, which means it has two different sets of straps. The first are the grab handles so you can just carry it in your hand as it is, or you can use the longer, adjustable strap and wear it over your shoulder. Perfect!

I am so excited to start using my new bag. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous but when you have as big an obsession with shoes and bags, you will know that when getting a new bag/shoes it is always exciting to showcase them!

What are your favourite types of handbags?

*PR Sample