Madame La La Light Tan | Before & After

Madame La La Light Self Tan

I have been loving the hot weather we have had recently but I find myself in the position where it is actually too hot for me to sit outside and soak it up! I don’t mind sunbathing on holiday when you have a pool or the sea too cool down, but in England that isn’t quite the case! So I have been reaching for my Madame La La Light tan* to give me a subtle glow – especially before I go on holiday as I don’t want to blind anyone with my paleness.

Mousse fake tans are my favourite as I find them much easier to distribute evenly and get less streaks. So obviously I got on quite well with this tan! The texture of it is really light (if that makes sense) so once it is on the mitt you can work it into you skin really easily. Another great benefit of these types of fake tans is that you don’t need to apply a lot. The mousse goes a long way, which also means this 200ml bottle will last me a long time!

Madame La La Light Self Tan

A Natural Glow

The tan is the light one so I wasn’t sure of how dark it would actually come out or if it would make a difference at all. But I was left pleasantly surprised at the natural glow it left me with. The perfect shade for going on holiday without looking like a ghost! I did sleep in the tan and then wash it off in the morning so I could get the most out of the colour.

After washing the tan off I was left with a flawless tan with no streaks whatsoever. Not even on my elbows, wrists or knees which are always the difficult areas! I am just so impressed with the results I have got from it. Take a look at my before and after using the Madame La La Light tan to see for yourself!

Madame La La Light Self Tan

A Fake Tan That Fades Naturally

Yep, you heard right, no more patchy tan! I had such a nightmare last time I fake tanned as I was left with horrible patches that wouldn’t come off no matter how hard I scrubbed, but I had none of that with this tan. I would say that it had faded after about 5-6 days wear, which is pretty decent considering I always forget to moisturise – something that would have made it last a lot longer.

Priced at £30 a bottle, this is slightly more expensive than other fake tans out there, but you really see the quality with this one. It is worth the money and you will be left with a gorgeous tan! So basically I really love this fake tan and will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out. I might even got for the Madame La La regular tan, which is slightly darker. But for now, the light one is doing me just fine as I absolutely adore the healthy glow it has given me!

Madame La La Light Self Tan Before and After
L: Before, R: After

Sorry the lighting in my picture isn’t great (my legs look a little dark in the before picture because I took it at night- they were in actual fact very pale!) but you can still see that the tan has given me a nice glow. When I woke up I was covered in streaks and like uh oh! But they seem to wash off straight away and you are left with a pretty even tan. So impressive!

You can now pick up Madame La La products from Urban Outfitters online and in their Oxford St store in London. I would head over to their site now as Madame La La products are currently reduced..!

Have you ever tried Madame La La fake tan?

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