48 Hours in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Cathedral

If  you follow me on Twitter you will know just how excited I have been to go to Edinburgh with Hannah from Suitcase & Sandals. After a spontaneous evening booking the trip then and there, we have been planning everything we would do while we were there.

So last weekend we flew to Edinburgh on Friday night, straight after work. Annoyingly our flight was delayed by just over an hour, so we didn’t get to our hotel till around midnight… But that didn’t stop us having a great weekend.

I thought I would share a few snaps of our time there and what we got up to in 48 hrs. We did so much walking in the short space of time that I actually got shin splints. This just shows how unfit I am…

Calton Hill View of Edinburgh

Climbing Calton Hill

So this was the first thing we did on the Saturday. Not expecting it to be quite so steep, we found ourselves literally crawling up the hill. Ok, so it wasn’t actually that bad a walk but still I now know just how unfit I am! Once we were up there, it was so worth the short but steep walk. The views over Edinburgh are incredible and show it to be the amazing city that it is. If you are looking to do something great for free while you are in Edinburgh, this is it! 

Calton Hill View of Edinburgh

Calton Hill Edinburgh

Calton Hill Edinburgh view

Calton Hill Edinburgh view

Real Mary King’s Close

Just off the Royal Mile is the Real Mary King’s Close – probably the thing I was most excited to see while I was in Edinburgh. You get to experience a tour of the underground streets dating back to the 1600’s. Our tour guide, Daniel, made this an incredibly interesting tour filled with lots of great facts about the history of the old streets of Edinburgh. The tour is an hour long but covers everything from the plague to stories of the families who lived there. Tickets are priced at £14.50 but I would definitely recommend doing it! 

Bread Meats Bread Burgers in Edinburgh

Bread Meats Bread

After reading Hayley from Water Painted Dreams‘ review of this place, Hannah and I knew we had to visit! We were not left disappointed. Hannah went for the classic burger with fries and I went for the ‘Sunshine on Beef’ burger with sweet potato fries. We were not quite expecting the portion sizes to be quite so big! I also failed to read in the menu that my burger wasn’t just pulled bbq beef, but also had a burger in it too – it was absolutely huge, but still delicious. We were again left shocked when we saw the bill. For two drinks and a huge meal, it came to just over £20. What a bargain! Why can’t there be a Bread Meats Bread closer to where I live?!

Tartan Hat Edinburgh

Shopping in Edinburgh

Ok, so the shopping in Edinburgh is AMAZING. They have so many great highstreet shops all in one place that make it so easy to just pop into them all and go on a huge spree! I have to say, their Primark is probably the best I have ever visited. It is absolutely massive and has such a great selection of clothes. Cambridge Primark, you need to seriously up your game.

Cocktails in Bramble Bar

On the Saturday evening we decided to go out out, so headed to find Bramble after hearing good things about it. After walking in the rain in heels (not fun) we finally found it and went inside for a cocktail. Both Hannah and I opted for the Mint 500, which was super nice! Inside it was really crowded as it was only a small bar, but it was still a nice atmosphere.

National Museum Scotland in Edinburgh

The National Museum of Scotland

The next day we popped into the National Museum of Scotland. We could have stayed there all day as it is absolutely massive, but our concentration levels weren’t all there as we were hanging just a little bit… We did really enjoy the exhibitions we did see though and we even got to meet Dolly the sheep!

The National Museum of Scotland Leopard

The National Museum of Scotland Lions

The National Museum of Scotland Sheep

The National Museum of Scotland Fashion Exhibition

In between all this we just spent most of our time walking round and taking it all in. Edinburgh is such a wonderful city, and is the perfect place for a weekend break. I hope to visit it again soon as the people there are SO friendly and the city is one of my new favourites.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh?

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