Effortlessly Curled Lashes with the LVL Eyelash Treatment

LVL Eyelash Treatment

Before I go on holiday, the one thing I have to do is pay my local beauty salon a visit. I have to get my eyebrows done because they go really pale in the sun and make it look like I have none at all. So I always get them waxed and tinted so they don’t disappear! Another thing I get done is the LVL Eyelash Treatment.

What is LVL?

You may have heard of this treatment before if you follow In The Frow and saw her video What I’ve Had Done¬†where she talks about getting LVL. It is basically an eyelash perm that gives you wonderful, princess lashes without any falsies! When I have had this treatment I don’t even need to wear mascara, which is mainly why I get it done before I go on holiday. It lengthens my lashes so much and gives them a lovely curl. I have really annoying eyelashes without this as on my left eye they are fine, but on the right eye I have really straight lashes. This treatment evens out my eyelashes and makes them look effortlessly fluttery!

The LVL Eyelash Treatment

The treatment takes around 45 minutes, which isn’t too bad because you are laying down for the whole thing. I won’t lie, at first it is a little uncomfortable just because it is a weird feeling having your eyelashes separated out for the treatment to be applied, but you soon get used to it. I should just clarify as well that this is not painful in the slightest.

Once the curling solution has been removed, your eyelashes are tinted to show length and make them look amazing. The results people get after having this treatment is incredible. Each time I have had it done I have been left amazed with the length of my eyelashes. I love not having to wear mascara when I have this done. It is great to just be able to wakeup and go with it, and not have to worry about makeup – especially on holiday!

How long does the LVL treatment last?

The treatment is said to last around 4 weeks, which I have found to be true each time I have had it done. If you maintain your lashes well, it could even last longer. Things like wearing mascara can affect the length of time your lashes stay put so it is best to just leave them as they are or be very careful when removing the mascara.

You will start to notice individual eyelashes slowly start to drop. But other than that you won’t really notice it as your eyelashes gradually go back to normal. LVL doesn’t damage your eyelashes at all, so you don’t have to be worried about that!

I got the treatment done at the Beauty Box in Saffron Walden (you might remember them from my post on their Anniversary Event), where it costs £38. It is quite a pricey treatment, but it is a great alternative to getting eyelash extensions. I just wish I could afford to get it done regularly!

Have you ever had LVL?