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Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set

When it comes to brows, believe me I have tried a tonne of different products from pomades, to pencils and even weird felt tip style pens! Some have worked and some having, so finding the right brow product for you is always a challenge. One kind of brow product I hadn’t already tried was brow building fibres. So when I was sent the Toppik Brow Building Fibers set*, I was very intrigued and excited to give it a go.

The kit comes presented in a little tube with the two parts screwed together. The top part is the wax and the bottom is the brow fibers. At first these look like little bits of fluff but you can definitely tell that that they are going to add so much volume to your brows as they are like. You also get a double ended brush and a really good instruction guide on how to apply the product. I quite like the way that the wax and the brow fibers attach together as it means you won’t lose one in your makeup bag!

Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set in Medium BrownAfter much umming and ahhing over which shade to go for, I decided on medium brown. You can pick it up in light brown and dark brown too but I thought the medium brown was a good shade for me because even though I have blonde hair, I have quite dark eyebrows. It was in fact the perfect shade for my eyebrows.

Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set Wax

Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set in Medium Brown

To apply the brow fibres, you start with the angled brush. Coat it in a little bit of wax and brush it onto your eyebrows as if you were using pomade. Admittedly this is a little difficult as you can’t see where you have applied the wax but you still have to be as neat as you can. Once you have done this you can apply the brow fibres. I poured a little bit in the lid and dipped the other end of the brush in. At first I couldn’t really get them to stick to the brush but after it started to get a little wax on it, it became much easier.

Before and After using Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set
Top = Before, Middle = After, Bottom = After with added eyebrow pencil

The before and after shots show the difference the product made to my brows. They appear much more full and less gappy. I the shade worked really well with my natural coloured brows too. The only thing I would say is that it is very difficult to get neat brows using this product alone. I used another brow product to neaten it all up a bit but was still left very impressed with the overall results. I think with more practice this could become a regular part of my makeup routine.

Priced at £16.95, Toppik Brow Building Fibers at definitely a slightly more pricey eyebrow product, but I think it is quite a reasonable price for this product. I can see it lasting a long time as you don’t need to use much product for each application. It is the perfect product for people looking for more natural brows.

Have you ever tried brow fibres? Did they work for you?

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*PR Sample