London | The Real Greek

The Real Greek Restaurant Napkin

I’ve been to Greece a couple of times and experienced the amazing food. Everything about it I just love (maybe something to do with halloumi?), but I always knew that it would be difficult to find a place in England where I could find Greek food that tastes just as good as the real deal. So a couple of weekends ago when I went to London for my friend Julia’s birthday, she suggested we try The Real Greek, and oh my gosh were we glad we did!

There are a few Real Greek restaurants dotted around London, but we booked a table at the one by Covent Garden as we were seeing a show in that area afterwards. I’m super glad we did end up booking a table though as so many people were being turned away! I would have been absolutely gutted if we hadn’t of been able to try this food.

The Real Greek Restaurant Interior The Real Greek Restaurant Interior

Inside it is a really cute little restaurant that has more of a homely feel, rather than it feeling like a replica of all the chains. There are lots of little details that make it feel really welcoming. The only thing I would say about it was that each of the tables were quite close together. Obviously so they could fit the max amount of people into a bit of a small space! That was probably the only negative I can think of from my whole experience there though – which says a lot!

The Real Greek Restaurant Menu

Looking at the menu, both Julia and I were left wanting everything! There was so much choice that it was a struggle to decide. Luckily they offer two different sharing options so you can try a few dishes for a set price. We went for the Peloponnese, which was £32.50 for two, and then ordered a couple of other dishes as well. The sharing menu gives you the choice between two options, which makes it a little hard to decide (like who can choose between humous and tzatziki?! Not me…). But you still get a good eight things to enjoy!

The Real Greek Restaurant Menu

As the tables are quite small, the dishes come out on tiered racks so you can fit it all on, which I thought was really cool. I remember thinking it was like having Greek afternoon tea! But even with the tiered rack, there was still very little space on the table because we ordered quite a few things…oops!

The Real Greek Humous and Flatbread The Real Greek Peloponnese

One of my favourite things from the sharing menu was the Tiropitakia. It is a small pastry filled with feta and spinach, and just all round deliciousness. I remember having feta and spinach pie in Greece and loved it so much. It is one of those things that you can just eat, and eat, and eat.

The Real Greek Falafel The Real Greek Lamb Meatballs

The lamb meatballs were an extra we added but were so worth it! They came in a delicious tomato sauce with Greek yoghurt (great for dipping all the Greek flatbread in!). Like I just can’t get across how flavoursome these all were.

At the end of the meal, both Julia and I were left completely satisfied. Yes it was quite a lot of food, but the reason I love having meze is because you get to try lots of different things and at the end of it you don’t feel so stodgy. As we were seeing a show after, the last thing we wanted was to feel all sleepy and like we were heading straight for a food coma!

All in all, I think we paid around £30 each for the sharing platter, three extra dishes and two drinks, which for me is a really good deal! We got to try all of our favourite dishes and more. I just can’t wait until the next time I’m in London so I can pay The Real Greek another visit…