Choosing the Right Prints for Your Home

Poster Lounge Water Colour Palm Leaves PrintAlthough I don’t own my own house at the moment and still live with my parents, it doesn’t stop me thinking about the endless possibilities of decorating for when I do move out. I’ve even got to the point where I am starting to collect stuff for my new dream home… is that bad?! And one thing in particular that I seem to have gathered quite a collection of is prints.

When it comes to choosing the right print for your home, it can be so difficult to not get overwhelmed and just throw yourself into buying lots of ones you think look pretty but don’t actually fit with your interiors. So before you dive right in, you might want to consider a few thing prior to buying.


If you have a room that is already quite busy and filled with lots of pattern, you don’t want to go for a print that is really bold and in your face. This Watercolour Palm Leaves Canvas* is the perfect piece for jazzing up your wall space without drawing attention away from other pieces in the room. I choose this one because I thought the simplicity of it would make it easy to transfer it to any room in a house, ready for when I move out. The white background against the green leaves make it a really easy piece to work into any rooms interiors.

Poster Lounge Water Colour Palm Leaves Print Poster Lounge Water Colour Palm Leaves Print Close Up

The canvas also has a White Floating Frame* around it, which looks absolutely great with it. It adds a bit of depth to the image and I always think frames enhance a beautiful image even more. I honestly love this print and how easy it will be to accessorise the wall space in so many different rooms because of how simple, yet beautiful it is.


You need to think what the purpose is of the print. Like I said before, you don’t want a bold print if the room is already well accessorised. You just want a piece of wall art that is going to enhance the room. But if the room is lacking a little something, then you may feel more comfortable going for a print that is a little bit more bold. I myself am not someone that usually goes for the bold option, but on this occasion I went for the White stone and Copper Lines* poster.

Blog Photography with Poster Lounge Print Background Blog Photography with Poster Lounge Print Background

I feel like although this isn’t the boldest piece of wall art I could have gone for, it still makes a statement with the sharp lines. On this occasion I don’t have a frame to go with the print as I had another purpose for it in mind. I thought it would be a really nice backdrop for blog photography. What do you think?

Wall Space

When you have a room that needs accessorising badly, it can be too easy to go for an absolutely huge print. The problem with this is that it takes over the entire room. So it is worth considering the scale of your wall and then the size of the wall art. Sometimes it makes it easier to go for a smaller print as it means you can easily move it around. It also means the print won’t take up all of the attention.

This Marble print* has got to be one of my favourites. Although it comes across as quite a simple piece, it really draws your attention in. It is also a fairly good size for moving around, and as the colours are quite muted it tends to go with lots of different colour schemes.

Poster Lounge Marble Print

If you are thinking about adding some wall art to your home, I would highly recommend heading over to Posterlounge. They have a ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to prints! What’s more, you can get your chosen piece of wall art put onto a choice of backgrounds and in a range of different sizes, making it easy to adapt ready to put into your home. I know when I eventually move out I will be heading back to their site to find some more amazing pieces!

How to you go about choosing wall art for your home?