The Photo Editing App That Needs More Credit

The Photo Editing App you NEED to Download to Up Your Instagram Game

With all the drama surrounding Instagram at the moment, everyone seems to be sharing their top tips for when it comes to improving your following/theme/engagement/clicks… and the list goes on! While I don’t have a magic bullet for any of those things, what I do have is an app suggestion that will change your ‘gram game. It is an app that strangely nobody really mentions in their ‘top five photo editing apps’ posts, as it is actually insane! It is basically like having a simplified (but still amazing) version of photoshop on your phone. Introducing Snapseed.

What is Snapseed?

Available on both iOS and Android, Snapseed is a photo editing app that gives you professional editing services at your fingertips.¬†It has a really simple user interface, making it easy to understand and work your way around while editing pictures. This doesn’t at all compromise the quality or functionality, as you can still edit your photos to such a high-quality standard… and best of all, it is free!

My Favourite Snapseed Tools

With so many different tools available to modify your photos, I thought it would be best to take you through a few of my favourites:

White Balance

While the lighting is getting better to take pictures in the evenings, it still isn’t great. So if I am having to take photos and know that they are going to come out with an awful yellow tinge, I can just edit them in Snapseed. I open up the white balance tool and it lets me use an eyedropper tool to place on a white area of the photo, which will then automatically adjust the white balance and even out the colouring of my image.


This is a brilliant tool as it means you can get rid of pesky marks on a table or fluff or whatever! You just open up the healing tool, zoom into the area you want to edit and then draw over them. A red mark will come up and it will erase the mark. It is so effective! You can see below how I have done it with the rings in the before and after pictures.

Snapseed Photo Editing App Healing Tool


Back when I was trying to make a theme on Instagram (which I have since given up), I was editing my photos so that all of the backgrounds of the images would be in black and white. I was doing this using the brush tool. When you click on it, you get options for Dodge & Burn, Exposure, Temperature and Saturation. I was using the saturation brush tool to edit the backgrounds, so would put the saturation to -5 and then just rub over the areas I wanted to de-saturate. I really like this tool as you have control over the amount of saturation in the background, whereas in other apps it just goes black and white Рdoes that make sense?

Snapseed Photo Editing App Brush Tool Saturation

Lens Blur

If you want to get a really nice depth of field on your image, you can use the lens blur tool to do that. It comes up with a blue dot, with two circles around it. You can pinch and drag to adapt the circles to the size of your object in focus and then change the blur strength depending on how blurred you want the background to be.

Snapseed Photo Editing App Lens Blur Tool

So they are just four of my favourite tools but there are so many more on Snapseed! You have a range of filters, facial tools and more. Just download it and give it a go for yourself – you will see exactly how great it is!

What is your favourite photo editing app?

P.S. – I wasn’t compensated or asked to do this blog post. This is just an app I absolutely love and think deserves more credit!