Top Series Recommendations on Netflix

Netflix Series Recommendations

I am a binge series watcher on Netflix, and I’m not ashamed to say it. The majority of series on Netflix I have probably seen. I spend most of my spare time binge watching new series that appear on Netflix. I mean, in one weekend I could definitely complete a two season, 13 episoder, easily (please don’t judge). So I like to think of myself as well educated on Netflix’s own array of series, thought I would share my thoughts on a few of my absolute favourites!

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why - Netflix

This is one of the newest series to appear on Netflix and it has fast become one of my favourites. Thirteen Reasons Why tells the story of a teen called Hannah and her decision to end her life. Before her death, she recorded a series of seven tapes, with the thirteen reasons as to why she made that decision. Each tape featuring a different secret about someone that had a part to play in her short-lived life.

When to watch: I will be honest, I couldn’t really think when would be best to watch it. It is something you just need to watch!

Episodes per season: 13
Length of episodes: 49 – 61 minutes
Next season release date: 2018

The OA

The OA - Netflix

The OA is another sci-fi drama, in which a blind girl called Prarie, goes missing for seven years and then returns having had her blindness restored. Covering everything from near-death experiences, angels, kidnappings, time-travel and more, this is definitely one to watch. It is such a strong story line surrounding human near-death experiences. Honestly, there wasn’t one episode I didn’t enjoy, and yes, I did binge watch this in one go…

When to watch: When you need a binge!

Episodes per season: 8
Length of episodes: 31 -71 minutes
Next season release date: 2018


Riverdale - Netflix

If you love Pretty Little Liars as much as I do, then you will love Riverdale. It’s basically a teen-drama with a lot of mystery surrounding a small town. The main storyline follows the death of one of the towns well-known teens, Jason Blossom and follows on as each event unravels and reveals even more mystery.

When to watch: When you need another series to fill the PLL shaped hole in your life.

Episodes per season: 13
Length of episodes: 42 minutes
Next season release date: October 12th 2017


Scream - Netflix

Another mystery/thriller/suspense drama about a group of teens. Set in a town called Lakewood, the teens become the prime targets of a masked serial killer, which soon resurfaces memories of a murder that happened over 20 years ago. One of the main characters, Emma Duvall, is linked to the town’s past, so sets out to discover who is behind these killings.

When to watch: When you want a scare, but not too much.

Number of seasons: 2
Episodes per season: Season one – 10, Season two – 13
Length of episodes: 39-42 minutes
Next season release date: Unconfirmed – rumours of a complete rehaul with a new cast and storyline for season 3.

The Santa Clarita Diet

The Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

The Santa Clarita Diet is a dark comedy focused on normal suburban family until Shiela (Drew Barrymore) realises she is a zombie. I will admit that this series is very gory and very gross at times, but it is absolutely hilarious. Timothy Olyphant, who plays Joel (Shiela’s husband), is ridiculously funny! Each episode is only half an hour long so this is the perfect series to dip in and out of.

When to watch: When you don’t want to commit to a full on series, but fancy watching something new and funny.

Episodes per season: 10
Length of episodes: 30 minutes
Next season release date: 2018

Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Netflix

If you haven’t already watched this, what are you doing and where have you been? This is the ultimate Netflix series that you need to get on board with! Get watching before Season 2 comes out on Halloween… Set in the 80’s, it focuses on a group of kids that accidentally uncover a host of supernatural government conspiracies. It is a sci-fi drama, filled with a good balance of humour and thrills. I don’t want to say horror, because I am the biggest wimp and even I can watch this easily!

When to watch: When your friends suggest watching something scary, but you absolutely hate horror films to the point where you have to sleep with all the lights on until you are about 90 years old, so suggest this instead.

Episodes per season: 8
Length of episodes: 42-55 minutes
Next season release date: 
October 31st 2017

What are your favourites on netflix?