Taking the Time to Combat Stress and Relax

Stress Relieving ProductsStress. Our daily lives are filled with stress. It doesn’t matter how minute the issue is, if it makes you stressed, it needs to be dealt with. A lot of people think that they can just bottle these things up, but more often than not, that just makes the issue worse. We all just need to let it out and take the time to relax.

Top tips for getting the relaxation period you deserve

In order to combat stress effectively, the key is to try and relax. As hard as it may sound to do when you are in a horrible situation, it is so important to try and relax. So here are some of my top tips to help you completely relax and de-stress in times of need.

Close yourself off from the world and try meditating

Yes, by closing yourself off from the world I do mean putting your phone down! Once you have done that, get yourself comfy. Whether that be lying in bed, sitting on the floor on a cushion, or even getting in the bath! Just make sure you feel comfortable. Next, close your eyes and start to take deep breaths. If you are struggling to take even breaths, try the 7/11 breathing technique. This is where you breathe in for a count of 7 and breathe out for a count of 11. If you are lying down, you can also try resting your hands on your abdomen to focus on the rise and fall of each breath. Once you have got into a good rhythm of breathing, you can really start to relax.

I think the key to meditation is completely clearing your mind. It sounds SO easy, but honestly, it takes such skill. I understand that when you are stressed your mind is whizzing around like a blender, so it can be difficult. But taking a little time to yourself each day to meditate can really help reduce your stress levels. Even if you end up just focusing on your breathing for 5 minutes, you will go away feeling that little bit more refreshed and ready to take on whatever battles you may face.

Let it all out – and even have a cry about it

As I’ve said before, it is so important to get it out. Find someone that you trust and talk to them. Whatever is on your mind, let it all out, and maybe even have a good cry in the process.I always think crying is such a good way to reduce stress – well for me anyway. Once I have had a good cry about things, I almost always feel a little bit better.

It is so important that you don’t hold in all your stresses, otherwise, they will slowly eat you up and the situation will feel a lot worse. In some situations, you may not even need advice, you will just instantly feel better for getting out whatever was making you feel stressed. Saying the words out loud can often help heal a situation that you may be feeling anxious about.

Pay attention to your body’s needs

You can’t be healthy on the outside if you aren’t healthy on the inside. When we are feeling a little bit down and stressed, our instant reaction can be to reach for junk food for that fast fix. But unknowingly we are making the situation worse in the long-term. Filling your body with healthier options will help give you the energy and motivation you need to overcome the stressors in you might be facing. I’m not saying eating fruit and veg will solve all your problems, but in the long-term your body will start to feel better, giving you an overall healthier mindset.

Products to help you relax

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray

thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Honestly, this stuff is a godsend. When you are stressed, most of the time it will affect your sleeping pattern. So when I am feeling a little bit meh, I always reach for my Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Blended with essential oils of Lavender, Vertivert and Wild Camomile, it is a mix of scents that create a heavenly fragrance ready to help you drift off to sleep. It is honestly my go-to for getting a really good nights sleep, and a product I cannot recommend enough if you are feeling a little bit stressed. I’ve actually done a full review of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray if you want to read more about it.

Living Therapy Detox Kelp Bath Soak

Living Sea Therapy Bath Soak*

Having a bath is honestly one of the most relaxing things you can do. So you 100% should make the most of that and get yourself some relaxing products to put in it and enjoy. At the moment I am absolutely loving the Living Sea Therapy Bath Soak for complete and utter relaxation. Containing twelve pure essential oils, it really helps let your muscles totally relax. I know that when I get stressed, my shoulder muscles get so tense, so having a product like this massively helps me unwind at the end of the day.

This is another one of those products that also smells insane. As soon as you put one foot in the bath, the scent drifts up and totally relaxes you. It is one of those products that is basically a back rub in a bottle. Once you sink down into the bath, your muscles begin to untighten and it just gives you the chance to completely unwind after a long day. Light a few candles, turn the lights off and enjoy a super relaxing bath filled with some of this lovely bath soak. Honestly, you will feel totally refreshed.

It is priced at £22 for a 250ml (plus a percentage of the pack profits go towards the Blue Marine Foundation, helping to create sustainable models fishing and marine reserves), but with each use, you only really need a teeny bit so I know this bottle is going to last me absolutely ages. It is such a treat to have it at the ready to really relax after a day at work!

Origins Clear Improvement Mud Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Mud Mask

One of the worst things for me when I get stressed is that I really break out. I remember when I was back at university and sitting my final exams, my skin took an absolute turn for the worst and I had one of the worst breakouts I had ever experienced. At this time, one of the best things I could do to help sort my skin out and de-stress was to use a facemask. It was sort of a two-in-one!

Giving yourself a pamper session is such a great thing to do to help you unwind. I love using the Origins Clear Improvement Mud Mask, as not only does it help clear up my stress-related breakouts, it also helps me relax. There is nothing better than slapping it on and having a nice hot bath.

What products do you use to unwind? And do you have any top tips for relaxing?

*PR Sample