Why there is always room for new bloggers in the blogosphere

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After having a read of that cosmo article, I felt compelled to address an issue that was brought up (amongst many others). According to the article, there is no more room for bloggers because the internet is over-saturated with them… an interesting thought. I think it is an interesting (and bold) statement to make and something that maybe some people would agree with. But I don’t. So I’m going to share my thoughts and tell you why I think that is an absolutely ridiculous statement.


Shein Denim Skirt Outfit Closeup

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Blogging is a hobby for many people

For me personally, I write blog posts because I love writing and producing new content. I don’t earn much from it at all, so I purely blog because I have a passion for it, making it one of my hobbies. So if you enjoy writing, why should you not have a blog? You wouldn’t tell a child that aspired to grow up and be a footballer that they can’t be one because there are already too many footballers out there. It goes with any hobby, if you enjoy it, you shouldn’t be stopped from doing it, just because you think there are already too many people out there doing it.

Your blog is your creative space online

The internet is here for people to share their opinions, and your blog is your space to share whatever you wish. This means that you shouldn’t be dictated to what you can and cannot share on your blog, and if you share anything at all! The beauty of blogging is that anyone can do it and get involved. From my experience, the blogging community has always been so supportive and welcoming of anyone new, and they would never shun anyone because the “quota of bloggers” has been filled!

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It has been done before, but not by you

Sorry to burst your bubble but the chances are that the blog post idea you have just come up with has already been done. But it hasn’t been done by you. Every blogger’s style is different, so just figure out a way you can make your blog post stand out. I know that sometimes it can be a little different, especially when it comes to a few brands that have a mass-outreach strategy so send their products to a lot of bloggers all at once. But there are definitely ways you can make your blog post different (particularly with beauty bloggers), maybe through a step-by-step guide of how to use it. I know that creating content like that does take a little more time, and I sometimes don’t have time to do that so will just go with a simple review. But even then, your content will still be different because everyone has different styles.

With fashion blogging, it is a little easier to create unique content as everyone has a completely different style and pulling outfits together are always going to be of a different style to others but taking inspiration from other sources.

I don’t think any aspiring blogger should feel unwelcomed. The internet is there for anyone and everyone to share their thoughts and opinions, so why should someone feel as though they aren’t allowed to ‘blog’ because there are already too many other bloggers out there? Each and every blog I have read is completely different and filled with different tones of writing, styles of photography and just general content overall.

Bloggers are here to inspire with their amazing content and strive to create more because they are passionate about it. They shouldn’t feel shot down because they think there isn’t enough room for them in the blogosphere. There will always be room.

What are your thoughts on this?

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