Migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress


When I first started my blog back in 2013, I originally decided on using Blogger as the platform. At the time, I wanted something simple and easy to use, and that was Blogger. WordPress looked really intimidating so I didn’t want to go anywhere near it. But after a few years on Blogger, I started to get frustrated with the lack of flexibility. I think this was emphasised by the fact that my job requires me to work with WordPress sites so I was seeing the benefits on a daily basis, and it was so annoying to see that I couldn’t do most of the stuff on my Blogger site.

Benefits of WordPress

For those of you umming and ahhing about making the move. These are some of the biggest benefits of migrating:

WordPress is actually really easy to use

I know that a lot of people look at it and just think “ahhh code!”, but trust me, if you don’t want to use code, you don’t have to. It is as simple as you make it. The dashboard and overall interface are very intuitive and make it easy to work your way round. If you want to get into the more advanced stuff, then there obviously are options for that, but as long as you know the basics of how to use it (which are super easy to learn), then you will definitely get along with it just fine. As with Blogger, it is a simple platform to use but I found there was a definite lack of freedom in things I wanted to do, so WordPress accommodated my blogging needs better.

It isn’t as expensive as you may think

WordPress isn’t a self-hosted platform (unlike Blogger), so you will need to pay a company that will host your blog. This is actually a lot less than people think. I use Go-Daddy at the moment, but I would not recommend them. I think you just need to remember that the amount you pay for hosting is going to be reflected in the service you get. For example, I pay hardly anything with Go-Daddy and their service has been awful, which is why I am going to be changing hosts. There have been days when my blog has been completely down, which isn’t acceptable. For that reason, I am moving hosts and willing to pay that little bit more to receive a better service!

Other than hosting, I have also purchased both the .co.uk. and .com versions of my domain name. The only other cost was my theme. (I also had to pay to migrate all my content across, but more about that further down).

You can download plugins

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to move across. There are an endless amount of plugins you can download that can do just about anything. They are so easy to download and get running. One of my favourites being Yoast. It is an SEO plugin that helps you optimise all your blog posts for a specific keyword. You can read more about it on my blogpost about making the most out of Yoast.

You have a lot of flexibility in your layout/theme

One of the main reasons this has been made so easy for me is because I went with a premade theme by Pipdig. I know that a lot of bloggers use their services when it comes to ready-made themes. They are built so well that it makes it amazingly easy to adapt and change around your blog theme to truly make it your own. You can do things like adjust the width of your photos displaying on the front end of your blog or the width of the sidebar. Little things like that give you so much flexibility in your design.

Eventually, after considering all of these benefits (and more) I came to the decision that I had to move.

How I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress

Migrating my blog was probably the best decision I could have made. I now have so much more flexibility and it has actually made me a lot more motivated to blog. So how did I actually move my blog across?

I had quite a few posts have blogged for just over three years when I decided to move. So I thought this is fine, I can do this and downloaded my blog content and followed online instructions on how to move it across… It went so badly and was so stressful. After a couple of attempts, I could not for the life of me work out what was going wrong so just gave up. That is when I came across Pipdig.

Pipdig offers a migration service where they move across all of your old blog content onto your new blog and you get a premade theme included. All for £100. It seems quite expensive but I was at my wit’s end with blogger and couldn’t face attempting to do it again myself. Considering most of the premade themes are between £39-£49, I thought it was quite a good deal. It also took away all of my stress, and to me that is priceless!

Phil from Pipdig patiently answered all of my questions and finished moving across my blog and setting up my new theme so quickly. I think it took just over a week, and it was around Christmas time, so I was super impressed with the service. I was sent regular updates so I was aware of what was going on the whole time.

I couldn’t recommend the service offered by Pipdig enough, and I know a lot of other bloggers feel the same.  

What blog platform do you use? Have you migrated to WordPress?