Natural World Coconut Water Hydration & Shine Haircare Range

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine RangeYou know when you really need a haircut but you are too lazy to book an appointment? Yep, well I was at that point a few weeks ago. The ends of my hair were very dry and a little bit split but I just could not bring myself to go to the hairdressers. But somehow, by pure chance, I was given the opportunity to try out the Natural World Coconut Hydration and Shine Haircare range* and it has transformed my hair.

The range includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil which are all completely free from parabens, phosphates, dyes and gluten, meaning that you are not loading up your hair with lots of nasty stuff. With up to 95% naturally derived ingredients, I knew that these products were going to be good ones to try! You might have also seen my review of the Natural World Brazilian Keratin range in the past too. I loved that range so it was great to try more from Natural World.

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

So let me start with the bottles. Both of these are absolutely humungous 1 litre sized bottles, which means they are going to last a long time. Each of them has a little pump on the top too, which I really love as it makes it so much easier for getting the product out, rather than having to shake the bottle for about ten minutes!

Onto the shampoo. I found this to be quite a lightweight formula but it still worked well through my thick hair, giving it a deep cleanse. My hair felt totally cleansed each time I used this like it had been really stripped back. The one thing I did find with the shampoo was that as it was quite a lightweight formula and I have very thick hair, I did have to use a fair bit more than I normally would.

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine Shampoo Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine Shampoo Packaging

The conditioner works an absolute treat alongside the shampoo. It is much more of a thicker consistency, almost verging on a sort of hair masque texture. But that means that I don’t have to use as much to comb through my hair as a little seems to go a long way. Compared to other conditioners I could leave this in for much less time and still end up with the same results. It makes my hair so soft and smooth!

Used both together, this shampoo and conditioner duo are an absolute treat for my hair. So as I mentioned previously, my hair was in a little bit of a state. I have very dry ends but then I seem to get greasy roots. This set seems to combat that problem by completely hydrating the ends of my hair, without affecting the roots. I have managed to put off a haircut for a good few weeks because of this set. At £6 per 1-litre bottle, you can’t really go wrong!

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine Weightless Hair Oil

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration & Shine Weightless Hair Oil

So I guess I can’t really give all the credit to the shampoo and conditioner for sorting out my hair. The Weightless Hair Oil has also played a huge part in giving it back some hydration. My poor dehydrated ends must have been in absolute shock when I put this through it for the first time because I can’t even tell you how good my hair felt. It went from being straw-like scarecrow frizz hair to being soft, defined curls.

It works my putting a little bit into the palms of your hands and running it through wet hair. I thought that as it was only a 100ml bottle and I need quite a lot to go through the ends of my hair, that it would only last a little while but it seems to be lasting a fair while.

Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine Weightless Hair Oil

Although this doesn’t completely control frizz, it is a really good product to help with dry ends. I like to use it alongside other styling products like serums, which I will add once my hair has naturally dried. Plus, the hair oil is only £5 so it is such a bargain for dealing with dry hair.

Like honestly, I cannot rave enough about how good the Natural World Coconut Water Hydration and Shine range is for frizzy/curly haired gals! Curly hair tends to suffer from dry ends, so it works perfectly for giving back the hydration that you need. So if you fancy giving this range a go, or any of the other Natural World ranges, you can pick them up at Tesco.

Have you tried any Natural World products before?

* PR Samples