Top Tips for Saving Money as a Beauty/Fashion Blogger

Bag Flatlay - Saving money

Being a blogger can be SO expensive. I mean you read one blog and you’re sold on a new face cream, and then read another and there is this new eyeshadow palette that you just have to get. We are all enablers, and it just can’t be helped! So I thought I would put together a few of my top tips on how you can save money as a blogger.

Follow other bloggers on Depop

There are so many bloggers using Depop to shift their unwanted clothes and makeup. They more often than not have loads of brand new bits of makeup that they’re selling at a cheaper price. Or clothes that they have been sent, only worn for a blog post and still have the tags on! It is so worth checking them out as you will definitely pick up a bargain. A few of my faves are laurencrowe88, robynlouise27, fayeellabyfashionslave_uk, sineadcrowe and theglamandglitter.

Shop your stash

With endless beauty products being released, it is no wonder that most beauty bloggers have a collection of makeup that deserves its own room! We are all guilty of buying that new released “because it looked cool”, using it once and then forgetting about it. So every once in a while you need to have a good clearout of your makeup so you can go back through it and find what was once forgotten. You will honestly find some hidden gems! I love finding products I forgot I had and introducing them back into my makeup bag. It feels like I’m using a new product all over again. Check out what products I found recently when I shopped my stash.

Bag Flatlay - Saving money

Stock up on loyalty cards

A bit of an obvious one but keep track of all your loyalty cards because they will come in handy. I love my Boots and Superdrug cards because eventually all the points add up and you can treat yourself to some new makeup that you wouldn’t normally buy. It is one of those things that takes a while to save on, but eventually the treat at the end will be worth it!

Enter blogger’s competitions

This is a little bit of a controversial one, as I am not implying that you need to go out and be a full on comper BUT entering other bloggers competitions that pop up here and there is a great way to up your chances of trying new products. In the past, I have been lucky enough to win a fair few beauty products that I would never have had the opportunity to try otherwise. I just do a few follow and RT post on twitter or if a blogger has a competition running on their blog and I happen to see it, and have the time to enter, then I will. Remember that by entering their competition you are in actual fact helping the blogger out too, as you are giving them the chance to build their social following. The one rule I do have though when entering competitions is that I only enter if the prize is something I would actually like to win. There is no point entering otherwise, as the prize could go to someone who will enjoy it much more than you will.

Do you have any tips for saving money as a blogger?