Isn’t it time we accepted Instagram for what it is?

Zara Black Culottes with Straw Pom Pom Bag OutfitThrowback to June last year (I think), when Instagram introduced a new algorithm for the way in which pictures were displayed on the app. It meant that the order of images was no longer chronological and instead displayed according to their new fancy formula. And to put it lightly, the blogosphere was in uproar about it. Posts were losing their all-important likes because they just weren’t getting seen. Many blogger’s were annoyed (myself included) as their accounts just weren’t receiving the engagement.

Fast forward to over a year later and there are many people still struggling with the algorithm. I see tweet after tweet about people complaining about Instagram and their posts not receiving enough love – and I do get your frustration, to an extent. But I will be honest, it is getting a little bit boring. Instagram has been like this for over a year now so we should all just need to accept that it isn’t going to revert back to its old ways and should just embrace it for what it is.

Zara Black Culottes with Straw Pom Pom Bag Outfit

Zara Straw Pom Pom Bag

There is no magic-bullet to cracking Instagram

Many people have tried to crack the new algorithm, but for now, it looks like it just ain’t happening. No one really knows how people are getting ranked in the app. But there are a few little tricks we can use to try and give our posts a little bit of a boost.

I feel like one of the most important things that has come out of this new update is the need for communication. So many more bloggers are working hard to boost their Instagram through actually communicating with others. You can no longer just post a picture and hope for the best. You actually have to work for it. Which, honestly, I quite like. It means that we are all communicating with one another by commenting on other photos and really engaging with them.

Following on from this, I really feel the need to mention ‘pods’. Now I know that there are a fair few people that completely disagree with these, as they feel they are cheating. We can agree to disagree there. I will openly admit that I am part of a blogger Instagram pod, and I love it. The girls in the pod are so supportive of one another, and that is what I love most. I see the communication on each others photos as a little cheer!

Before I was part of a pod, I didn’t really actively engage with many bloggers. Like I would comment on blogs, Instagram and twitter, but I didn’t really know the people behind the blogs. Now I feel like I have discovered some amazing blogs from lovely girls who I genuinely want to engage with. Where is the harm in that?

I also find that we are asking each other for advice in the pod and that’s great. It is so nice for us to be able to ask each other questions about blogging, that we may not want to post on twitter. Or ask each other for the latest on a new eyeshadow palette. Whatever it is, the interaction between everyone in the pod is genuine, and I really like that.

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The best theme is no theme

Another thing I have finally come to realise is that controversially, no theme is the best theme. I was so sick of trying to post images that fitted perfectly into a grid and made my theme look well thought out, but also effortless at the same time – basically I was trying to achieve the impossible and it made me hate instagram. My theme never looked as good as other blogger’s and in the end I just wanted to give up.

So I decided to do the *unimaginable* and go without a theme. And guess what? My instagram survived – as well as my sanity! I have seen so much from it in terms of growth and engagement. And the main thing – I now actually enjoy posting on it! It feels so great to be able to post what I want without worrying if the photo has a black and white background. Whatsmore, my instagram is now more of a true representation of myself, my personality and my actual life. I would hope that that makes it more relatable to those viewing it.

I do still edit my Instagram photos, but only by adjusting the brightness and just enhancing the features that are already there.

Zara Black Culottes with Straw Pom Pom Bag Outfit

Final thoughts on Instagram

Now I don’t know about you, but I *prepare yourself for unpopular opinion* might actually like this update. It means that my photos no longer have an expiration date. It means that when I post a photo, it has more of a chance of getting seen amongst a feed filled with lots of other amazing beauty blogger’s content. Before, you had to predict the most popular time to post an image. A time that most people would be on Instagram. But that would also be the time that most other people would be posting too… So all that would happen is my photos would get lost among everyone’s feed. Not great. With the new algorithm, my photos have more of an opportunity to come up in other people’s feeds – I just have to put that little bit of extra effort in and communicate with other people’s photos.

And the moral of the story? Embrace Instagram for what it is and just enjoy it! Post a photo purely because you want to, and not because it fits in with a theme.

Now that the dust might *finally* be settling, what are your thoughts on Instagram at the moment?