Day to Night Haircare

Bumble & Bumble Day to Night HaircareAdmittedly, getting into a “night time” haircare routine was something I wasn’t really aware of. So when I saw that Bumble & Bumble had released a couple of new products for a day and night haircare routine, I was very excited to give them a try.

Bumble & Bumble While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque*

Bumble & Bumble While you Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque

As I have frizzy hair, it means my hair is also dry. So hair masks are a regular product used in my haircare routine. I try to use one at least once a week to keep my hair from really drying out. So when I first came to try the While you Sleep Overnight Damage Repair mask, I was super happy to see that it was as easy as putting it on before bed and washing it out in the morning. I am really lazy you see, and I hate having to shampoo my hair, then put in a hair mask and wait around for ages while it gets to work. With this one, there is no waiting. I can just sleep – winner!

Containing Camelia Oil and UV protection, this is one of those miracle products that can reverse the appearance of damaged hair and help protect it against future damage. And it smells beautiful! Like a really nice floral scent, which is just so dreamy.

Overall I have actually been really impressed with the results of this. When washing it out in the morning, every time my hair has felt silky smooth like princess hair. And the dry ends aren’t quite so bad anymore! The only little warning I have to put with this, is that if you have frizzy hair like mine, it does get a little bit painful trying to comb this through dry hair, so just be aware!

It is an expensive product at £40 a pop, but considering how much hair I have on my head, I have only needed to use a small amount to get in through the ends each time. So the tub has lasted me a fair while, and the results are fairly effective. If you think how much a haircut is, then compare it with the price of this, this is much cheaper and can definitely help prolong the gap between each salon visit.

Bumble & Bumble Save The Day Daytime Protective Fluid*

Bumble & Bumble Save the Day Daytime Protective Fluid

So after using the hair mask, I will work the Save The Day Daytime Protective Fluid through my hair. It has a really lightweight texture to it, but it works well in damp hair as you can evenly distribute it. It isn’t sticky in the slightest, it just feels very hydrating. Again, it is infused with Camelia Oil and UV protection to help minimise the effect of damage to your hair.

I’ve recently found myself using my hair curlers and straighteners a lot more and this is the perfect product to help protect against heat damage. I’ve found that my hair just looks so much more tame with a little bit of this product worked through the ends. I’ve noticed less split ends breaking off and my hair just looks overall in a much more healthier shape, considering I haven’t even had a haircut in quite a while. It is completely paraben and sulphate free, so your hair won’t get weighed down with any nastiness. It will just help keep your hair looking smooth and soft, maintaining the pesky frizz!

This hair serum again is quite expensive at £35 a bottle, but it is a really good quality product. I think that as it is quite lightweight in texture, the bottle seems to go down very slowly, which is obviously good as I want it to last forever!

Bumble & Bumble Day to Night Haircare

Do you have a day and night haircare routine?

*I was kindly sent these products but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and all my own. This post also contains affiliate links.