Glow Getters to Use Before and After Make-Up

Glowy Makeup Product FlatlayAchieving glowy skin is literally the dream and it doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. There are a few fab products out there that give you that all-important glowy finish. Using a range of products before, during and after applying your makeup, you can definitely get that natural or super glowy finish.

Before Makeup

Healthspan Replenish Instant Skin Perfector

Once you have moisturised and got your skincare out of the way, you need a primer. And by that I mean a glowy primer that can get your skin prepped for even more glow to be added. I’ve been using the Healthspan Replenish Instant Skin Perfector*. This literally gives such a beautiful “my skin but better” finish, which is perfect for working as a base. It really helps cover any imperfections making it a great product to use both on its own or under makeup.

It comes out with a skin coloured tone but really easily sinks into the skin, prepping it ready for makeup. It also works so well at creating a smooth base layer to your makeup, meaning that you don’t get lots of foundation/concealer clogging up in your pores and making them visible. With glowy makeup, that is definitely not what you want!

During Makeup

So now for the exciting bit! Once your makeup is all in place, you can now add some serious glow to your look. Obviously, there is a level to how glowy you wanna go, so I have picked out three great highlighters to help you achieve whichever look you wanna go for.

For a Natural Glow

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

I would recommend The Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar* from my Makeup Revolution Haul. It has such a mix of beautiful, natural highlighters. Though the palette is called I blush palette, I have definitely been using it more as highlighters. My favourite to use is the bottom left as I find it gives a natural glow which you really notice when the light hits your cheekbones. It just gives your cheekbones a really natural highlight, making it great for everyday wear.

For a Level Up Glow

This is the kind of highlighter you want to wear when you still want that natural edge but with a little bit extra. For this kind of look, I go for the Benefit High Beam. This highlighter has never failed me. I love the pink satin shade it has to it that gives a fairly natural dewy finish. The only thing to remember when applying a liquid highlighter is to apply it before putting on any kind of powder product. Otherwise, you end up with a weird cakey finish – not nice.

Makeup Revolution Unicorn Elixir Liquid Highlighter and Benefit High Beam

For a Glow-All-Out Kinda Glow

Now, this a serious highlighter. The Makeup Revolution Unicorn Elixir Liquid Highlighter* is for people that want to go all out with their highlighter. It has a pearlescent finish to it, which will literally make your cheekbones go pow! I like to save this for when I’m going out as it is a little bit too much for me to wear every day. It is just such a strong highlighter that literally does have exactly what you would expect as a “unicorn” finish.

Glowy Product Swatches

Swatches L-R: Health Span Instant Skin Perfector, Makeup Revolution Blush Palette, Benefit High Beam, Makeup Revolution Unicorn Elixir

After Make-up

Once your makeup is completely finished, you wanna set it all in place with a setting spray that is gonna enhance that glow. For this, I have found the Caudalie Beauty Elixir* to be amazing! Although it is a multi-use product that isn’t purely a setting spray, I find it absolutely incredible at keeping my makeup in place. It gives it such a lovely dewy finish, which just makes the highlighter look even better.

Makeup Revolution Unicorn Elixir Liquid Highlighter and Benefit High Beam

What are your favourite glowy products to use?

*Products marked with (*) are PR samples but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own.