Review | Christian Breton Hyper Moisturizing Facial Mask

Christian BRETON Hyper Moisturizing Facial MaskIt seems like sheet masks are a huge trend and the moment, and I for one am all for that trend. They are a non-mess, refreshing and hydrating face mask style that I absolutely love. So at the moment, I have been trialling out the Christian BRETON Hyper Moisturizing Facial Masks*. This is my first product from the Christian Breton range, but having seen other products dotted around on various blogs, I had very high hopes!

Christian Breton is a luxury brand with over 25 years experience in creating problem-solving skincare. Over the years they have worked tirelessly to come up with solutions that can help reduce common skincare problems, using science. They offer the safest and most effective skincare solutions without needing a prescription.

The Christian Breton Hyper Moisturizing Facial Mask box contains three sheet masks, each soaked with 20ml of serum. This serum is infused with Hyaluronic Acid – a fab ingredient to help with keeping your skin highly moisturised. There are also a few other ingredients that promote healing and reduce enlarged pores.

Christian BRETON Hyper Moisturizing Facial Mask

Just from looking at the box, you can see that they are a fair few claims listed of what these face masks can help achieve, from preventing breakouts to healing and soothing and also reducing redness, to name a few. There are so many that I was admittedly a little sceptical at first. It sounds a bit farfetched to think that a face mask can help with all of those skincare issues!

So after using these sheet masks, what did I think?

Christian BRETON Hyper Moisturizing Facial MaskEach time I wore the mask, I would leave it on for around 25 minutes. This gave enough time for at least some of the serum to sink into my skin, but even after removing the mask, there was still loads left in it. These masks are juicy! I would just rub in the excess over my skin and neck to try and use up as much of the serum as I could, but there still seemed to be some left over!

Christian BRETON Hyper Moisturizing Facial Mask

Preventing breakouts: Unfortunately, these didn’t really do much in terms of stopping spots popping out. But to be fair, I didn’t expect them to. I have quite bad skin that looks even worse because of scarring. But I break out on a regular basis, which I think is down to hormones so these masks wouldn’t have really helped with that anyway!

Reducing redness: I did actually notice that my skin looked slightly less red especially around my nose. I was actually expecting to have red skin when I removed the mask as it stung a little bit when I first used one, but after a couple of minutes the stinging sensation subsided and it actually became a really refreshing facemask. But anyway, when I did come to take it off, my skin felt significantly less red and really soothed in areas I was having problems with redness and slight irritation from spots.

Minimising enlarged pores: I don’t have significantly big pores, but I do have a few larger ones on either side of my nose, slightly spreading onto my cheeks. If I’m honest, I didn’t notice huge changes in the size of my pores, however, my foundation did sit much nicer on my skin the day after each time I had used a mask. But I think that is more to do with the point below…

Moisturising skin: So being called a “hyper-moisturizing” mask, you can definitely expect high levels of moisturisation delivered right to your skin. And for this claim, I have to agree 100%. This sheet masks most definitely lives up to its name! My skin felt so hydrated and smooth after just one use, then even more after the second use. Not only did my foundation sit better on my skin, but problem areas of my skin which were really dry were significantly smoother.

Just as a little example, the last time I used one of these facemasks was on Thursday. I moisturised my face Friday morning and Friday night, and I’m not writing this blog post on Sunday, having not moisturised my face all weekend. Usually, my skin would feel super dry, with my forehead in particular feeling like it is going to crack if I don’t moisturise. But my skin feels fine and weirdly hydrated!

I feel like now we are getting into colder weather, these masks are going to be an absolute godsend for combatting dry skin. I always get patches of dry skin when the weather starts to get a bit nippy, and I know that these will be the perfect solution! The only problem is that they are a fairly pricey. At £45 for a box of three masks, these are definitely a skincare treat.

Have you ever tried any of the Christian Breton skincare range?

*I was very kindly gifted this product, however all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own. This blog post also contains affiliate links.