How to Use a Colour Correcting Palette

Makeup revolution Colour Correcting PaletteI’ve seen a few colour correcting products floating around the blogosphere, and always been intrigued by them. You can literally get a colour for everything, but working out which colour is used for what is the difficult part. Admittedly when I first got this colour correcting palette from Makeup Revolution, I didn’t have a clue. But after doing a bit of research, I soon learnt just how useful each shade is. So here is a short guide on how to use a colour correcting palette. 

Green Concealer

Green concealer is an effective way to neutralise any red tones, meaning it is perfect for covering up acne, scars and just general red areas of the face. I tend to have slightly red skin around my nose, so this is perfect for covering that up. You only need a small amount in order to cover up, using this palette. The formula is fairly creamy so a little goes a long way, and you don’t want to be looking green from applying too much product! Once you have covered up the red areas, you can put your normal coloured concealer over the top to blend away any green tones.

Lavender Concealer

The lavender shade is used to help neutralise yellow tones. So perhaps if your skin is looking a little dull, this is a good shade to reach for. Like the green concealer, it can also be used on acne scars to help cover them. Once they have reached the stage where they are no longer red, it is a good idea to use some lavender concealer alongside some of your regular concealer to help even out your skin tone.

Yellow Concealer

Yellow is the contrasting colour to purple, meaning that this shade of concealer is used to cover up dark circles under the eyes. If you brush a little of this on, then blend in with a damp beauty blender, you will see just how much of a difference yellow concealer makes in helping to brighten up your under eye area. You can also go one step further and ‘bake’ the concealer to help it stay put all day.

Pale Pink Concealer

For those of you that have a darker or more olive-toned complexion, the yellow concealer is not going to work for covering up dark circles under your eyes as they aren’t purple. Therefore a pale pink concealer is going to be more useful for this task. It can help neutralise any dark circles under your eyes as the pink contracts green. The pink can also be used to help brighten dull skin areas.

Orange Concealer

On darker skin tones, the orange will help to minimise the look of dark spots. It effectively contracts the dark spots and completely conceals them, leaving you with a flawless base, ready to apply the rest of your makeup.

Peach Concealer

The peach concealer is basically just a normal concealer but slightly too dark for my complexion. It’s main purpose is just to help even out the skintone, so for those with a more tan complexion, this is a great shade for getting your base ready and even.


This shade is for those with a darker complexion, but it is used for balancing out any ashiness. Again, like the lighter shades in the palette, it’s main use it just to help even out your skintone prior to putting on your foundation.


The final shade left in the palette is the gorgeous pearlescent, shimmer highlighter. I don’t really need to explain what this does! Just know it does the perfect job at brightening the areas of your face you want to stand out.

What are your favourite colour correcting products? Which shades do you use the most?

* I was kindly sent this product but all thoughts are 100% my own and completely honest. This post also contains affiliate links.