How to Achieve Easy Princess-Worthy Hair

Babyliss Big Hair Blow Dry BrushPerfecting the blow dry is one of the hardest things ever. You always feel like you need more hands than you do and just somehow your hair will end up getting stuck to the round brush and leave you in a tangled mess. So would you believe me if I said I had found a way to blow dry your hair to get it looking absolutely perfect and princess-worthy?

Step 1: Shampoo & Conditioner

Neal + Wolf Amplify Volume Collection used to create princess blow dry hair

I have been using the Neal & Wolf Amplify Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner set* for a month now and it is safe to say I am truly impressed. So my hair is already quite thick but often this means that it lacks a little volume in the roots because it is weighed down. However, since using this duo I have seen a slight improvement in how bouncy my hair looks and feels. It is nice to sort of have the volume of my roots sorted in just one step! Whatsmore, this duo is so heavenly scented that I don’t want to stop using it! The scent lasts on your hair too which is always a big must for me when choosing haircare products.

Step 2: Towel Dry

Once I’ve washed my hair I will start to gently towel dry it. I don’t know to vigorously rub it in a towel as that can be really damaging, so I just like to gently dab my hair with a towel to absorb any excess moisture and get it dry enough to put my hair products in.

When my hair I’ve dried my hair enough with a towel, I like to work through the Neal & Wolf Smoothing Blow Dry lotion* (you would have seen this previously mentioned in my blow dry essentials). This stuff again not only smells incredible but also does an amazing job at keeping my frizzy hair looking sleek when I blow dry it. My hair tends to get a lot of frizzy fluff when I blow dry it, so this helps to tame it slightly!

Neal + Wolf Amplify Volume Collection used to create princess blow dry hair

I also spritz through some Neal & Wolf Uplift Volumising Mist*. This actually came as part of a gift set with the Shampoo & Conditioner so it would make a really nice Christmas present if you want to treat someone! With a few spritz of this spray throughout your wet hair, it can help hold in place the volume you are about to give it with a good blow dry.

Step 3: Blow dry your hair around 70% dry

First of all, I spray my hair with the Neal & Wolf Heat Protect*, so it doesn’t get quite so damaged from applying lots of heat. Then with a normal hairdryer, I will blow dry my hair until it is about 70% dry. Usually I like to put the flat nozzle on so that it helps tame my fly away hairs. Don’t worry if you get to this step and you hair is looking a little flat – the next step is where the volume kicks in.

Step 4: Use a blow dry brush

I like to tie the top half of my hair up so I can focus on the bottom layers first. This also helps keep my hair damp, ready to be set in place when I get round to blow drying each layer.

Once sectioned up, I use my Babyliss Blow Dry Brush. This is an absolute lifesaver of a hair tool. Like literally you will have a salon-worthy blow dry once you are finished with it and have complete and utter princess hair! It is basically a hairdryer that is shaped like a round brush. But once you add a section of hair to it, you can spin it to help create volume. It takes me double the amount of time to blow dry my hair curly with a brush and hairdryer.Whereas this tool helps cut out time and effort!

Neal + Wolf Amplify Volume Collection used to create princess blow dry hair

I take small sections at a time and spin them on the hottest section to help create each of my curls.

Once finished, I never actually need to set my hair in place as it seems to just last. Even when I sleep, my hair stays in place. I think it is a combination of the Volumising Mist setting them in place and also having thick hair!

Neal + Wolf Amplify Volume Collection used to create princess blow dry hair Neal + Wolf Amplify Volume Collection used to create princess blow dry hair

Do you blow dry your hair? How do you normally blow dry it?

* I was kindly sent these products from Neal & Wolf but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own. This post also contains affiliate links.