Fashion Meets Fragrance with the New So…? Collection

So...? Eau De ParfumI’m sure everyone can agree that the So…? fragrance collection reminds them of their teenage years. I know I always used to keep one of the mists in with my P.E kit for a quick freshen up after sport. Since then they have come a long way and they now have a new collection of fragrances, which I am absolutely loving!

Everyone knows that perfumes are so expensive these days and to be honest, the price can be really off-putting when it comes to buying a new one. With loads of fragrances now around the £50 mark, it can often seem like a small investment! Well not with the new So…? fragrances. At only £6.99 for the Eau de Parfum, you definitely can’t complain. I am tempted to purchase the whole collection at that price! Inspired by catwalk trends, the new So..? collection encapsulates all girls that love to be their own trendsetters, taking current trends and making them their own – which is what fashion is all about, right?

The So…? EDPs come in the most gorgeous, sleek and handbag friendly bottles. I’m loving the simple designs with the different graphics for each fragrance. The simplicity actually makes them look a lot more expensive than they actually are!

So...? Eau de parfum

I am So…? Eau De Parfum*

This fragrance just totally reminds me of like parma violets. It has a sickly sweet smell but in a good way. I am all about sweet scents! This is a perfect daytime fragrance as it is quite a refreshing and soft scent. I love how wearable this fragrance is on a day to day basis. It can come across as overly sweet if you spray too much so I would recommend keeping this to a couple of spritzes. You can then reapply throughout the day as necessary, but if I am honest the scent does last!

So…? Dark Romance Eau De Parfum*

Now this one is most definitely more of an evening fragrance. It isn’t quite as sweet as the I am So…? fragrance. With a blend of bergamot, pink pepper and dark praline, you can tell it is quite a sultry fragrance. If I’m honest it is quite a sassy fragrance. Like I can totally see myself wearing this on nights out and keeping it in my clutch bag. I mean you could wear this in the day, but I definitely think it is more suited to evening wear.

If you fancy trying some of these lovely perfumes out for yourself, you can pick them up at Boots.

Have you tried any of the So…? perfumes? Which is your favourite?

*I was kindly gifted these perfumes, however all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own.