Guilty Pleasures | Confessions of a Blogger

flatlayAs a blogger I have a few guilty pleasures that I really hate to admit… But I am hoping lots of you lovely readers will be able to relate to some of these, which will make me feel much happier about admitting to enjoying them!

Adding everything to my basket then closing the tab

With Christmas fast approaching I really need to save my pennies, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting over everything beauty related. I seem to have this habit of adding everything I want to my basket, looking at the total and then closing the tab in despair. I’ve been lusting over so many new beauty releases and adding them to my virtual basket, including the Addictive Arts perfume* from the new Clive Christian range. The white rose floral perfume* smells absolutely incredible and is just one of those luxurious products you can only dream about having in your collection!

Shopping for the blog

I am awful for this but I still carry on doing it anyway! If I see a cute trinket dish I buy it for my blog. I now have about five. I mean, who needs five trinket dishes?! But as soon as I step into any shop with homeware, I go into some kind of blogger trance and end up with a basket full of stuff I really don’t need. “I got it for my blog” has become a regular phrase in my vocabulary.

Binge watching Netflix

So basically, Netflix is my best friend. I get home from work, have dinner and jump into bed to binge watch whatever series I’m currently invested in. And when I mean binge watch, I mean the 4 hour straight kind of binge watch. I’ve even been known to watch a couple of seasons in one weekend… is that something I should be embarrassed to admit?! It is just too easy to get invested in a new netflix series – especially when you see bloggers recommending new series here, there and everywhere! And as a serial binge watcher, the worst thing possible is a one-a-week release. WHY DO THAT NETFLIX.

Using much loved makeup even though it is out of date…

I’m really hoping I’m not the only one that does this, as I know it can be bad. But if I have a lipstick that I really, really love, I’m afraid I don’t chuck it in the bin after its use by date of 12 months or whatever. I know I should but I don’t… Admittedly I don’t wear lipsticks everyday so even my favourite lipsticks are still in really good condition, but I know that they should be thrown after their recommended use by date. Obviously you can tell when a product really has come to the end of its life as sometimes they start to get a bit of a funky chemical smell. But until then I will keep using my favourite lipstick!

Buying for the hype

As a blogger it can be so hard to not get drawn into the hype of a new release. And as much as I hate to admit it, I do get sucked in. I see all these bloggers flashing their snazzy new eyeshadow palettes and instantly think I need it. *cough* Charlotte Tilbury Look in a Palette *cough*. I know it sounds like a bit of an odd guilty pleasure, but that feeling you get when you open a parcel containing said hyped up makeup palette is just so exciting! Please tell me you can relate?!

What are your guilty pleasures?

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Christian Clive.