Ice Skating at the North Pole Cambridge

Ice Skating at the North Pole CambridgeWith Christmas jumpers coming back into swing, this time of year also brings around the opportunity to go ice skating! With ice rinks popping up here, there and everywhere, you don’t really have an excuse not to go. So last weekend I headed to the North Pole in Cambridge with Hannah for an *entertaining* ice skating session…

We decided that the best time to go would probably be the earliest slot on Saturday morning as we were hoping there wouldn’t be many people and also the ice would be nicer. Our slot was at 11am and to be honest, we couldn’t have picked a better time to go. The rink wasn’t busy in the slightest, which made it so nice to skate around without the worry of bashing into someone.Ice Skating at the North Pole Cambridge Ice Skating at the North Pole Cambridge

I’m not the most confident skater to say the least, so I was clinging to the edge for most of the time, until I felt slightly more adventurous. I thought I would go into the middle without my safety net of the fence… Bad mistake – I fell over and landed straight on my bum. Hannah assures me it was a graceful fall but I’m not so sure!

So I might not be a pro, but ice skating is still a fun activity for everyone. It is just a good laugh really – especially if you can’t actually skate like me!Ice Skating at the North Pole Cambridge

The North Pole also has loads of fairground rides and a pop up apres ski style food/drink area. I can imagine this is such a fun place to go during the evening! But I can also imagine that the ice rink gets really busy around this time too.

If you fancy a go at ice skating then you can pick up tickets from the North Pole Cambridge. I would definitely recommend going for an early morning slot if you want to avoid the crowds.

Have you been ice-skating recently?

*I was kindly gifted these tickets but all thoughts are my own.