Confidence Pick-me-ups

UK Lingerie Gossard Superboost Teal Bralet SetFrom time to time there can be instances when you aren’t quite feeling like yourself. Like your confidence isn’t on top form and you are in need of a bit of a boost. And I would know, as it feels exactly like what I have been going through recently. But to get myself out of this rut there are a few things I’ve been doing, that might help some of you looking for a bit of a confidence boost too.

Saying Yes

One thing I’ve done more of is saying yes to opportunities that pop-up. Whether it is something small like going for a drink with a friend or booking a break away, I have been saying yes to it all and unsurprisingly it works so well as a confidence boost. Saying yes to more things means I am out of the house more and doing things that I might not otherwise be doing. It is a way of being a bit more spontaneous.

Get Matching

So something a little easier to do, that can actually be a huge confidence boost for yourself, is wearing matching undies. I don’t know if it is just me, but having a matching set on gives me a little bit of extra body confidence. This absolutely stunning matching lace bralet* and thong* set is from Gossard at UK Lingerie, and I don’t think I have ever owned anything quite so pretty before!

UK Lingerie Gossard Superboost Teal Bralet Set



The bralet has the most gorgeous longline design to it that looks super flattering on. It has a lovely racerback design with additional lace features that give it an extra touch – especially if you pair it with a low back t-shirt. Another thing I absolutely love about this bralet is that it does up at the front. It actually makes it much easier when putting it on as you just use the normal hook and eyes to clasp it together. With such a flattering lace design and in a gorgeous teal shade, you can see that this set is a definite confidence booster when wearing it!

Have a Pamper Session

When you’re feeling down, one of the best things to do for a quick pick-me-up is to have a pamper session. For me, this meant going to my local beauty salon and getting LVL eyelashes done. Nothing feels better than having big fluttery eyelashes! I also treated myself to HD brows for the first time and it is safe to say that I am definitely converted! But having a pamper session doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money, you could just get all your facemasks out and have a girly evening with your bestie. Go full-on girly and paint each other’s nails with your face masks on!

Learn to Accept a Compliment

So this is something I am still working on… I have always been awful at accepting compliments. It is like as soon as I am given one, I have to think of an excuse as to why I don’t really deserve it. But learning to accept and actually acknowledge a true and heartfelt compliment can be a great boost. Know that you do deserve that compliment and you don’t have to think of a reason as to why you don’t.

What are your top confidence boosting tips?