Review | LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer

White LanaiBLO Professional HairdryerMy previous hairdryer lasted me 4 years. It was awful – cost me a tenner from Asda and made my hair super frizzy. I don’t really know why I put up with it… But thankfully that one can now go in the bin as I have a new addition to my hair care collection: The LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer! And what’s more, IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!

The features

  • It is 2400 watt which means it can dry your hair super fast
  • Ionic technology to reduce static effect and make your hair smooth and shiny
  • Option to have a ‘cold shot’ to set your hair in place
  • It has an extremely long cord
  • Comes with two nozzles: one for heat coverage and one for quick professional drying
  • Option for personalisation making it the perfect gift!

White LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer

How I found the LanaiBlo hairdryer

So the first time I came to using this hairdryer, I picked it up and found it to be quite heavy. I don’t know if it was just because my last hairdryer was really light or something, but this one was just that little bit more substantial in weight. I found this odd as one of the features it talks about on the box is that it is lightweight. Slightly odd, but it doesn’t really affect my thoughts on the overall performance of the hairdryer – I just thought it was a point that should be mentioned.

Apart from the weight, I have loved every other element and feature of this hairdryer. As you will know if you have read previous haircare posts, my hair is very thick, curly and frizzy. This means blowdrying can often be an absolute nightmare. But I have been left pleasantly surprised.

It seems my hair has finally met its match with the LanaiBLO hairdryer!

It managed to actually tame my hair! Like you know those annoying and short frizzy strands of hair you always get on the top of your head? I hardly had any when I had finished blow-drying my hair. Usually, I have a full on afro going on! I just couldn’t believe how sleek and soft my hair looked and felt from using the hairdryer. And this has been the same experience I have had from the multiple times I have used it.

White LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer Heat Options

I like to use the wide nozzle head as I find that it helps distribute heat more effectively for my thick hair. This also means that I can now blow dry my hair in under ten minutes which is an absolute miracle. I have never, ever been able to do that before. So obviously I am over the moon that I can finally get back into blow drying my hair and not looking like a lion. Just be aware that if you are using the nozzle it can get very hot on the end of the hairdryer, so give it a little time to cool down before you attempt to take it off. I use the hottest of the three settings so that is probably why mine gets so hot!

White LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer Nozzles

The long cord is a must-have feature. No more awkward angles trying to get the hairdryer to reach the back of your head as this cord is seriously long. It makes such a difference and is so much easier to move around with.

Personalising your LanaiBLO hairdryer

Ok, so is it really sad that I was most excited by the fact that it has my name on it?! The way to my heart is definitely personalised gifts haha! You can get up to 15 characters printed on it for an extra £15. It is quite an expensive extra, but I guess it just makes a gift that little bit more special.

White LanaiBLO Professional Hairdryer

Overall thoughts

All in all, I actually love the LanaiBLO. I love how quick it dries my hair and how effective it is at helping achieve frizz-free hair. The weight isn’t a problem for me as it really isn’t heavy in itself, just heavier compared to others I have tried in the past. For £99, this is a pretty decent hairdryer for helping you achieve a salon style blow dry at home. I would definitely recommend giving it a go!

Do you blow dry your hair? What hairdryer do you normally use?

*I was kindly gifted this product but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own. This post also contains affiliate links.