bareMinerals BarePro Liquid & Powder Foundation

Bsreminerals bare pro liquid and powder foundationWhen you have combination skin, finding the right foundation can seem like an absolutely impossible task. They are either too creamy for oily skin, or too drying to dry skin recovering from a spot treatment. It is just so annoying! But after so long trying to find the perfect foundation for my oily skin, which is also prone to spots (meaning I get dry patches), I might have actually just found two of the most amazing foundations…

So on my quest to find a good foundation that suited my skintype, I headed to my closest bareMinerals foundation and explained my problem: I needed a foundation with enough coverage to cover the scars left behind from acne on my chin but that also worked for oily skin on my forehead. The lady at the counter suggested that I try the BarePro powder foundation. So she added a little on my skin after applying the Blemish Ready Mattifying Prep Gel. It sat perfectly over the top and I was so impressed with the coverage. So I was sold. I wanted both the prep gel and foundation. But then the lady told me I needed a specific brush to apply the powder foundation to get the expected finish. So I ended up sadly putting the prep gel back and getting the brush. I did also get a sample of the liquid foundation.

When I got home I used I thought I would give the liquid foundation a go too. And I also fell in love. This was getting dangerous as these foundations aren’t cheap! But nevertheless, I ended up back at the counter buying the liquid foundation too… But I don’t regret it in the slightest! These are two of the best foundations I have ever tried.

Bsreminerals bare pro liquid foundation

bareMinerals BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation

With a creamy liquid texture, the BarePro performance wear foundation is an absolute must for anyone that wants complete coverage. Though my skin isn’t half as bad as it once was, I have been left with a significant amount of horrible purple scars around my chin area – and these take a lot to cover up! But thankfully this foundation does it all, while still maintaining a naturally matte finish which I absolutely love!

Containing a mix of different good-for-you ingredients such as papaya enzymes (for brightening) and bamboo stem (for the natural matte finish), this foundation is one that needs to jump right into your makeup bag. I mean, it is filled with such good ingredients that you could actually sleep in it!

The ingredients in this foundation will not clog your pores.

It even lasts up to 24 hours, which for oily skin is an absolute godsend.  Regardless of heat, humidity, water and sweat, this foundation will stick to your skin and not cake. Though, little disclaimer, I haven’t tested it out in all those conditions just yet! It also contains an SPF 20, which means you can skip a step in your skincare routine as sun protection is sorted.

Another brilliant thing is that there are over 30 different shades. Yep, you read right. 30 shades. Considering that most other brands don’t do this, I think bareMinerals have done an absolutely fab job with their range.

How I wear it

BareMinerals Bare pro liquid foundation before and after

Apologies for the colours of these images. I have no idea why they have uploaded with this weird tint.
L: Before foundation, R: After BareMinerals Bare Pro Liquid Foundation applied to cheek

As this is a long-lasting foundation, I feel like it sets quite quickly so I have to do my face in sections. I work my way round using a damp beauty blending and then buffing it in place with my trusty Real Techniques buffing brush. Then, even though it has a “naturally matte” finish, my skin is oily in places like my forehead so I like to set it in place with a setting powder. Oh and prior to this I do also use a primer, but that is just to prep my skin.

It isn’t the fullest of full coverage but it is still a pretty damn good coverage. You can easily build it up without it getting cakey if you need more coverage on specific areas.

bareMinerals BarePro Performance Wear Powder Foundation

So out of the two, this is definitely my favourite. This is the foundation I wear near enough every day. It has the most natural finish, but for a powder, the coverage is actually unreal. Like, the first time I tried this I was blown away. You would never believe that you could get that much coverage from a foundation!

Again, this foundation has been formulated with 90% natural ingredients to create a buildable and breathable formula. You can seriously build this up in specific areas, without it feeling cakey or looking thick. It also lets your skin breathe while you are wearing it, so your pores won’t get clogged and breakout – something I have to be really careful with when it comes to foundations.

The end result is just beautifully natural looking skin that looks super smooth and clear.

I have to be honest, that when I wear this my skin doesn’t really look like I am wearing foundation which is insane. It just looks like I have really clear, glowy (without the shine?!) skin, which is something I never thought my skin would be able to look like!

How I wear it

I do prime before I use this, but I like I mentioned before I always do that just to give myself a good base to work from. Then using the Core Coverage brush I gently buff the powder into my skin. It is crucial that you use a really dense brush with this foundation otherwise you will not get the desired finish. So many of the reviews of this online are negative because people say it doesn’t do anything. That is because they aren’t using the correct brush!

BareMinerals Bare pro powder foundation before and after

Apologies for the colours of these images. I have no idea why they have uploaded with this weird tint.
L: Before foundation, R: After BareMinerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation applied to cheek

I then build up the foundation in specific areas like my chin, to get the desired coverage. Then on my forehead, I also add a little setting powder, just because my skin is fairly oily up there and so I like to make this foundation last a little longer throughout the day. The rest of my face keeps the foundation in place all day long, without needing any top-ups.

I am honestly just so impressed with this foundation. Not only is it seriously natural looking, but as I said before the coverage for a powder is really impressive. I think I have found a foundation for life here!

So if you’re looking for a foundation that is breathable, buildable and really good coverage, I suggest you head to your local bareMinerals counter and get colour matched asap, because in my opinion, I don’t think I am going to find a better foundation than either of these two!