Essence Cosmetics | Icy Inspired Makeup

Icy Inspired Essence CosmeticsChristmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean all the glitter and sparkle has to go! Essence have released a few new products recently, which are all icy inspired. They are one of my all-time favourite makeup brands, so I love trying out their new releases – especially when they are all glitter themed!

Prismatic Highlighter Stick in 10 Be Unique Be a Unicorn

Highlighter sticks are such saviours. Not only are they easy to apply, but they also give the most gorgeous glow – and this one is no exception. The formula of this one is great as it easily slides on over your makeup, without removing it. This is something I always look for with highlighter sticks as I hate it when you have spent ages carefully applying your makeup, only to have a highlighter stick pull it all off. The colour is an icy-iridescent shade that comes across quite light, but you can build it up to get a more solid highlight.

Icy Inspired Essence Cosmetics

Moonlight Eyes Cream Eyeshadow in 01 Angel – £3.00

I am absolutely loving cream eyeshadows at the moment. They make great base shades and also work well as one shade wonders. This gorgeous eyeshadow has a really different texture compared to other cream eyeshadows I have in my collection. This one is more squishy. Although it looks like a shimmery white shade, it actually has some undertones of pink to it. I can imagine this would also make a really good highlighter on cheekbones, but I am yet to try that!

Icy Inspired Essence Cosmetics

Vibrant Shock Lash & Brow Gel Mascara in 02 Sparkle On – £2.80

Sadly this is one product that just isn’t for me. It is definitely one of those products that would be amazing used for fancy dress. Other than that I don’t think I could pull off silver brows and eyelashes on a daily basis! Although, I really wish I could! The brush is smaller than a classic mascara brush, so it is easy to use on both brows and eyelashes. I do think that using this on the tips of your eyelashes is quite a cool look, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t suit me!

Metal Shock Eyeshadow in 05 Moon Dust – £3.50

So basically everyone and their mum knows about the Stila Cream Eyeshadows. They sound amazing but are a little out of my price range. So this is an excellent alternative! It has a really thick, creamy texture that is easily applied to the eyelid using an applicator similar to lipgloss. I find it really easy to apply and then blend out to remove any harsh lines. You can then apply eyeshadow on top – like a smokey eye, which would look insane with this!

Icy Inspired Essence Cosmetics

Metal Art Lip & Eyeliner in 01 Steel the Show – £3.00

So honestly, I’m not sure I would use this as a lipliner, but it definitely works as an eyeliner. It has a really thin, precise applicator so you can get such a good line along your lashes. Plus this is such a funky alternative to a classic black liquid liner. This is a dark metallic silver, which is still quite subtle, but just a bit different. It does need going over after the first application as it can look a little faint. But once it has been built up, it looks really cool!

Holo Rainbow Nail Polish in 01 Hello Holo – £2.80

Ok, so this nail polish is amazing! There are so many glitter nail polishes out there that are so disappointing as you just don’t get the glitter effect you think you will. But with this one, I can promise that you will have the desired holo/glitter effect on your nails in no time. You just have to put a few blobs on your nails, rather than using sweeping motions as you normally would to apply nail polish. This allows the glitter to spread out over your nails and completely cover them.

Icy Inspired Essence Cosmetics

Rock in a bottle – £2.00

So even with the holographic nail polish, you can still not have too much glitter. So if you fancy going even further, then check out Rock in a bottle! It is a little glass bottle filled with what I would consider to be raw glitter, which is perfect for using on an accent nail. Just beware, as soon as you open the bottle, glitter comes out everywhere! So prepare for glitter overload…

Metal Shock Nail Powder in 01 Mirror, Mirror on the Nail

We have all seen those facebook/instagram videos showing mirror effect nails using a funky looking powder and brush. Well now you can achieve them at home with this Metal Shock Nail Powder! All you have to do is paint your nails in a base colour – this can be whichever colour you fancy. You then need one of those spongey eyeshadow brushes, and once your nails are dry, just sweep over the nail powder to give your nails a metallic, mirrored finish. Then finally apply a top coat to finish! Easy!

*I was kindly gifted these products but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own.