Are HD Brows worth the cost?

Eyebrow Makeup FlatlayBack in November, I had my first experience of HD Brows. They cost me the grand total of £27, which for an eyebrow treatment I felt was pretty pricey… especially considering I used to pay £14 for a wax and tint. So it was safe to say I was expecting big things from my new HD Brows. 

What are HD Brows?

The thing I really wanted to know was what actually are HD Brows and what makes them worthy of the £27 charge.

So, they are basically an eyebrow treatment that is individually tailored to suit your brows. Following a step-by-step procedure, a HD Brows stylist will use tinting, waxing, threading, plucking and more to create the perfect brows.

They will, first of all, assess your face shape and colour to find out what would be best suited to you. For me, even though I am blonde I always like to go quite dark with my eyebrows, so it is nice to know that the shade is really tailored to my brows.

After your brows have been tinted, they are then waxed and threaded to create the perfect shape. I have to admit that I actually find the waxing more painful than the threading. The threading just gets rid of all the fluffy bits around your eyebrows so I don’t find it painful really. But waxing is always a bit of a shock to the system! Luckily the pain doesn’t last too long.

Then the brows are trimmed with small scissors so that the length of each hair falls into the perfect arched shape of your brow. This actually really makes a difference, especially if you accidentally brush your eyebrows out of place – they will still look fine!

All in all my appointment for HD brows took around 40 minutes, which really isn’t that bad. I like to pop in early on a Saturday morning as it gets me out of bed and means it isn’t really busy in town. I feel like I have a more productive day if I get up early on a Saturday!

Brushing eyebrow after HD brow treatment

Are HD Brows worth £27?

If I am honest, the first time I got them done and left the salon I felt a little deflated. Yeah, my eyebrows looked good but they looked exactly the same as they did when I just got a normal tint and wax at a different salon for £14 (where I get LVL lashes done). However, a few days later is when they really bloomed! It was as if my eyebrows grew into the HD Brows and they just looked so on fleek (sorry, not sorry…). It is really hard to explain, but they just looked perfect and I really didn’t need to use any other eyebrow product – even when the tint had washed down off my skin.

I ended up loving them that much that I went back for another treatment this month. My eyebrows grow fairly slowly so getting them done every couple of months is definitely enough for me. I always know when I am in need of another treatment too as filling them in becomes a nightmare as they just go all over the place!

So all in all, yes they are fairly expensive but in my opinion, they are totally worth it. Just bear in mind that they look best a couple of days later once the dye has settled. The shape will look amazing, and applying makeup around them will be much easier without the fluffy bits of hair.

What is also great is that they really help grow your eyebrows into a beautiful shape. So if you have sparse eyebrows but don’t want to get them microbladed, then HD Brows would be a really good way of naturally growing your eyebrows into a beautiful shape.

Have you ever had HD Brows? What did you think of them?