Natural Body Care | The Modern Apothecary Apple Cider & Lavender

Modern Apothecary Apple Cider and Lavender Natural Body Cream and Body WashFirst of all Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. I took a break over the festive period as I wanted to just be with my friends and family, enjoying my time off work. But today I am back with a review of two products that have been wonderful additions to my daily routine.

I’ve recently been on a bit of a quest to try and change up some of my everyday body care items with natural replacements. I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin, I just wanted to do this as I knew it would be better for my skin. And lucky for me, a new natural skincare shop opened up in the town where I live. So I went in to have a browse and they very kindly offered to let me try out a couple of products from their range.

Modern Apothecary Apple Cider and Lavender Natural Body Cream and Body Wash

The Modern Apothecary

The Modern Apothecary is a natural beauty store that offers a lovely selection of products formulated from plant-based ingredients. Rather than using an essential oil in a product for the sake of it, they look into and understand how it can be beneficial. You can definitely tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into developing the range of products they have to offer. With everything from body care, to haircare and even cleaning products, there is such a wide range of products that just contain pure goodness!

Apple Cider and Lavender Hand & Body Cream* £22

Modern Apothecary Apple Cider and Lavender Natural Body Cream

This is one of Modern Apothecary’s bestselling products, so I was super keen to try it out. With such an unusual scent, I was interested to see how the two worked together. I would say that the lavender is the stronger of the two scents, as you can smell it as soon as you open the tub, while the apple cider gives it a really subtle musk. It is a beautiful scent that lingers on the skin once you have applied it.

In terms of the texture, it is fairly thick but it soaks into the skin so quickly. Compared to other body butters, it is absolutely incredible. I even tried the skinny jean test with it and it passed – which I thought for body butter would be impossible! I rubbed into my legs, left it to soak in for a few minutes and was soon able to get my skinny jeans on without any problems. I know that you can’t do that with most other body creams…

But overall, the main benefit I have seen from using this body cream on a regular basis is how much it has helped my arms. Like a huge portion of the population, I have keratosis pilaris, which is a condition affecting my upper arms. It is basically a patch of dry skin and lots of tiny bumps on each arm. Usually it is impossible to find a good product that can help reduce this, but honestly this cream really works. My upper arms have never felt so soft! Because of that reason, I will definitely be going back to buy another tub when this one is finished.

Apple Cider and Lavender Body Wash* £19

Modern Apothecary Apple Cider and Lavender Natural Body Wash

To match the lovely body cream, I have the natural body wash. The scent perhaps isn’t quite as strong as the cream, but it is still just as lovely. The body wash contains lavender oil, argan oil and apple fruit extract, which are all 100% natural. Each of these ingredients comes together to create a lovely product that won’t dry your skin out as soon as you step out of the shower.

I found that used with a body sponge, the body wash lathers up really nicely. You also only need to use a tiny amount for each application as a little definitely goes a long way. This means that each bottle will last you a decent amount of time. I have been using it for around a month now and still have a fair bit left in the bottle.

It might seem a tad pricey compared to your normal body wash from Boots, but that is because this one only contains high quality, natural ingredients. If I am honest, I would rather pay a little bit more for this knowing that I am using good ingredients on my skin that aren’t damaging or drying.

If you have got any skin problems, or even just sensitive skin, then it might be worth having a look at the natural options of products you use daily. With no harsh chemicals or synthetics, natural skincare products are always just going to be filled with good ingredients that aren’t damaging to the skin.

Have you tried any natural beauty products before?

* I was kindly gifted these products but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own.