5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Year

WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket OutfitI know this post is probably a little late as we are already in February and the month has flown by, but I still wanted to put this post together. Mainly to show to myself that I have so much to look forward to, as I seem to continually find myself in a rut. And I guess feeling like you’re in a pickle is ok sometimes, but in order to get over that, you need to look to the future. So that is what I have done here, and with everything written down altogether, I think I have got a pretty exciting year ahead to look forward to!

WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket Outfit1. Travelling to Thailand

I have never travelled outside out Europe. I have always wanted to, but there has always been something in the way. This year I am finally able to say that I will be leaving Europe. I will be jetting off to Thailand in June for two weeks. It is only a short break away as I have work commitments, but I totally wish I could go for longer! I guess this holiday will hopefully show me that I can break out from my comfort zone and do more.

2. Being a Bridesmaid

Another new experience… I am going to be a Bridesmaid! I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid (hasn’t everyone?!). My cousin has asked me if I would be one of her bridesmaids, which now means I have the duty of organising a super fun hen party! It is going to be absolutely great.

We have tried on our dresses, which are beaut, but now have the task of finding some heels to go with them. Who knew that finding a pair of heels that aren’t sky high would be so difficult?! I mean, I’m not awful at walking in heels but I seem to have this dreaded fear of tripping up as I walk down the aisle, so it is probably best that our heels aren’t too high…

WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket Outfit WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket OutfitWearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket Outfit

3. Exploring Budapest

As well as Thailand in June, I am super excited to be jetting off to Budapest with my bestie in August. It has been on my list of places to travel to for so long, so I am really looking forward to finally getting to explore it. So if you have been before and have any recommendations for places to visit/eat, send them over!

WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket Outfit

Jacket – Missguided
Boots* – Just Fab
Bag – Accessorize

4. Developing in my career

I am in a really good place with my job at the moment and I am hoping that that can only get better! I work in a digital agency, responsible for the marketing and absolutely love what I do. Having so many different clients means that no day is ever the same and I’m always working on various projects, so I really hope that I can just continue learning and developing in my job.

5. The Unknown

To be honest, apart from all of the above, I don’t actually know what else to expect from this year. At the same time as being really, really terrifying, it is also quite exciting. It just means I have to go with the flow and say yes to more things. After recently coming out of a six-year relationship, things have been difficult and I have had to learn to sort of deal with my own company. But I think knowing that has helped me gain so much more confidence as I have to force myself into situations I might have otherwise been too afraid of.

WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket Outfit WearAll Floral Dress and Khaki Biker Jacket Outfit

Photos by Hannah

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