Avocado Skincare Benefits

Avocadeau Avocado SkincareMy skin has always been a problem for me; whether I am suffering from breakouts, oily skin or dry patches. It can be so difficult to contain! But with the inclusion of more natural products in my skincare routine, I have really started to notice a difference. And one of the main ingredients my new skincare additions contains is avocado – something I was so surprised to learn has so many skincare benefits. 

Avocadeau Avocado Skincare

The Benefits of Avocado in Skincare

After suffering from bad hormonal breakouts on my chin, I have been left with a lot of scarring in that area. So I was pleased to know that avocado oil has some really great healing properties. It contains oleic acid, which is an ingredient known to help regenerate damaged skin cells.

Not only that, oleic acid (known as a good fat), is what helps keep your skin hydrated. There are also other ingredients found in avocados that help retain the moisture provided by the oleic acid. This helps keep the skin supple and firm, meaning that it is a great anti-ageing ingredient to use in your skincare routine.

Out of all the benefits of avocado, my favourite has to be the inclusion of Vitamin E. With the help of this great antioxidant, it can help neutralise skincare damaged caused by UV light – which again helps with anti-ageing. I have always been a huge fan of Vitamin E in skincare because of all its great benefits, so was really happy to learn that it is present in Avocado.

Avocadeau Skincare

Avocadeau is a new skincare brand focused avocado based skincare (in case you hadn’t already guessed). It was created by Gemma, who I had the pleasure of meeting to discuss her range of gorgeous products! After seeing that there was a gap in the market for avocado skincare, Gemma decided to start her own range of natural skincare products; two of which I have been lucky enough to test out for myself… It is safe to say that I am an avocado skincare convert!

Avocadeau Avo’-Scrub Face Mask*

Avocadeau Avocado SkincareI always love a good face mask, and have been trying to use this one at least twice a week. You’re supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes, but more often than not I end up leaving it on for a little bit longer to see that a lot of it has soaked into my skin. It isn’t a problem though as it just means it isn’t as drying on the skin as other clay-based facemasks I have tried in the past. This one is a lot more hydrating, with its really creamy, refreshing texture.

The facemask is enriched with both avocado oil and carrot seed oil. The carrot seed oil is another great ingredient with anti-ageing properties, that help tighten pores and reduce redness – something I have definitely noticed working. The pores around my nose have definitely reduced in size. Combined with Kaolin clay, this helps to remove impurities. It helps to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate.

This is one of the nicest clay-based face masks I have come across because for once I am not left with tight, dry feeling skin after using it. Instead, my skin feels super smooth, cleansed and hydrated.

Avocadeau Avo’-Infusion Oil*

Avocadeau Avocado Skincare

I’m all for multi-use beauty products as they can be so time-saving in my daily routine. So this 100% pure avocado oil has been amazing. It has a number of different uses, but my favourite thing to do it put it straight on after using the face mask. It helps reduce signs of redness, scars and can minimise the signs of ageing. Although I haven’t really noticed a difference in terms of less wrinkles (I’m only 24!), I have definitely noticed that the scars around my chin have slightly faded and are much less prominent.

Avocadeau Avocado Skincare

The oil isn’t greasy, like you might first expect. Instead it sinks straight into the skin which means you can easily apply it as a moisturiser twice daily. You skin will soak up all of the product almost instantly. I do however have a slightly oily forehead so on somedays my skin finds it difficult to absorb all of the product on that area of my face, but the rest of my face has no problem and are completely oil free after a few minutes from applying the product.

I have also been using the oil in my hair, which has been so brilliant as my ends are quite dry and a little bit split. My hair doesn’t look half as dry and frizzy when I have used this in it. I like to run it through the ends of my hair just after washing, I then plait my hair and leave it to dry naturally. It leaves my hair so unbelievably soft and tame!

Have you ever tried any avocado based skincare?

*I was kindly gifted these products but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own.