Is blogging making me materialistic?

WearAll Khaki Acid Wash Jumper and Faux Leather Jeans OutfitAs a blogger, I like to read other blogs to see what products bloggers are recommending, or how they are styling their wardrobe. Blogs gives me inspiration for my own style and also inspire my purchases. And after all, that is what blogs are for, isn’t it?

WearAll Khaki Acid Wash Jumper and Faux Leather Jeans OutfitA little while ago I got called out by a friend when she made a throwaway comment about me being materialistic. And yeah, I’ll be honest, it offended me. My instant reaction was to defend myself and, of course, deny it. But then it got me thinking… Am I materialistic? Do I want too many things? Is it that I make too many ASOS orders? Do I rely too much on posessions for my happiness?

“Materialistic: believing that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life.”

After a long period of consideration, I came to my conclusion. The answer is no, I am not materialistic. And here’s why:

I like having nice things (doesn’t everyone?). Anything I own, I work hard for. I work 9-6 Monday to Friday, so anything I decide to buy with my hard-earned money is well and truly earned. If I want something, I save for it. In my personal opinion, this doesn’t make me materialistic. All it says about me is that I like to work hard to earn things I know I will enjoy.

WearAll Khaki Acid Wash Jumper and Faux Leather Jeans Outfit


Blogs are most definitely enablers, but that is why I read them

I also often feel enabled by other bloggers. I mean, I usually come away from most blogs having another product or new t-shirt added to my wishlist. But that is just part of being a blogger! Blogs are always used to help out and find recommendations, so that is where I head to when I am in need of a new eyeshadow or lipstick. When I think of it from a reverse point of view, it would make me so happy to know that a review about a toner that I love was enough to encourage someone to buy it and love the product just as much as me.

But at the end of the day, my possessions aren’t the be all and end all, and never will be. What means more to me is having meaningful relationships. My friends and family mean the world to me, and I would always, always, always choose them over money or possessions.

As the definition of materialistic mentions money and possessions being the most important thing in life, it goes without saying both are most definitely nice luxuries in life. But I will reiterate, they are not my motivations in life. If they are yours, then that is also equally cool – but for me it isn’t the case.

WearAll Khaki Acid Wash Jumper and Faux Leather Jeans Outfit

It’s all about balance

I might be “lucky” enough to receive some very generous products gifted to me for my blog (more on being called “lucky” as a blogger in a future blog post…), order a few too many parcels from ASOS, but I balance all that out. I make regular donations to charities, and donate old clothes to charity. I have frequent clearouts of my makeup stash and give out the products to friends and family. So the love is always shared!

I’m not quite sure of how to end this post, apart from finishing with it is ok to want nice things, and it is ok to not feel guilty about it. Just because you might want to spend your hard earned paycheck on a new jacket this month, does not make you materialistic.

WearAll Khaki Acid Wash Jumper and Faux Leather Jeans Outfit


Aviator Jacket – Topshop
Khaki Acid Wash Jumper* – WearAll
Faux Leather Jeans* – WearAll
Adidas Superstar Trainers – ASOS
Hat – Accessorise (Similar)
Backpack – Stradivarius at ASOS (Similar)

WearAll Khaki Acid Wash Jumper and Faux Leather Jeans Outfit

Photos by Hannah

Does blogging make you feel materialistic?

*I was kindly gifted these products. This post also contains affiliate links.