Getting Compensation for Uncredited Blog Images

What to do when you have blogger's blockA while back I came across a website called Pixsy. It’s a website that finds out if any of your images have been used online without your permission. I thought I probably wouldn’t have much of a problem with my images being used until I logged in and saw just how many of my images were being on other websites! Thankfully, Pixsy makes it super easy to get compensation for these images.

How does Pixsy work?

When you first login to Pixsy, it gives you the option to sync images from your blog or website, instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, etc. On the free option (which I use), you can have only 500 images imported.

Once these images are imported, you can go through all of your matches which bring up websites using your images. Some of these matches won’t give you the option to submit a case as they may be outside of the areas that they currently cover.

If there is an image that comes up with the option to submit a case, you can then go through the process of getting Pixsy to get you compensation. The process is so easy with just a few questions to answer – it really doesn’t take long!

When the form has been filled out, you just wait while Pixsy do all the hard work!

How much compensation did Pixsy get for your image?

For Pixsy’s services, they charge 50% of whatever the amount that they get from the image is. This is a very high fee but they do all the hard work, and without them I would have no idea where to begin.

In terms of options for how much I wanted to charge, Pixsy give you the option to put in your own fee or have their recommended fee. I usually go with their recommended fee.

At the moment I have only had one successful payment come through, but it was still a very pleasant surprise! Pixsy sent me the $100 AUD that they had managed to get for the use of my image on another website. Not too shabby for one of my old blog photos!

How long did the whole process take?

I originally submitted a case back in September last year, and the payment for the image come through in February 2018. So yeah, it was a bit of a wait! But Pixsy keep you updated with the process throughout each step sending you emails every time there is something new to report in the case.

Filling out your tax form

After receiving the email that I would successfully be getting $100 AUD for one of my images, I needed to fill out the tax form on Pixsy so that I could be transferred the money to my Paypal account. Unfortunately, this is where it got a little bit tricky, but thankfully I found the solution so you don’t have to get stuck on this step…

The part where I kept getting stuck is when it was asking me for me local tax ID number. I had no idea what it meant so I left it blank, but then I was told that I may only get 30% of the payment withheld for taxes.

What is my local tax ID number?

Everywhere I looked there was no information on what my local tax ID could be found. Until I came across somewhere that said I needed to put in my National Insurance number, so I put that in and it worked! My payment came across in full. So just remember, local tax ID number = National Insurance number.

I have a few other cases in progress at the moment, but I’m not hanging on for these to be complete anytime soon. In the meantime I just keep double checking for any new matches so I can submit them.

Have you ever used Pixsy?