5 Alternative Things to do While Visiting Venice


Last summer I was lucky enough to travel around Italy and visit some great places. One of which was Venice. I had never been before, and having seen so many amazing pictures of it I was so excited to finally visit for myself. Before we went, we hadn’t actually planned anything so when we got to Venice we kind of just went with the flow. But there were a few things we did that I would definitely recommend you do if you are also planning on visiting.

1) Arrive by train

We were travelling through Italy by train and it was honestly just one of the best adventures. One of the most memorable parts of the trip was arriving in Venice by train. The train line runs directly over the water and giving you the most amazing view as you enter the city. It really was something else! I know most people have a traditional view of arriving in Venice by boat, which is fine if you want to spend a fair amount of money. However, arriving by train gives you some of the same incredible views but at a much lower price.


2) Ca’Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art

While we were in Venice, we decided we would pay a visit to the Ca’Pesaro. It is an absolutely brilliant art gallery, with the perfect amount of modern and contemporary art. I say perfect amount because it means you don’t get overwhelmed by the size of the gallery! There is enough there to spend a morning or afternoon wandering through. When we visited we were lucky enough to view the David Hockney exhibition with 82 of his portraits. If you’re looking for a break from the historic sites, and somewhere with a bit of peace and quiet, then this is the place to go.

View from Ca' Pesaro Venice - International Gallery of Modern Art café

View from Ca’ Pesaro café

If you want to have a coffee at a beautiful café which overlooks the canal, then the gallery’s one is a hidden gem. It costs next to nothing compared to other places and it has a truly beautiful view.

3) Doge’s Palace by Moonlight

Doge's Palace

The Doge’s palace was definitely on our list for a visit while we were in Venice, but it always just looked too busy. We then, however, found out that they offer late night opening times in summer to give visitors the chance to view the Palace in moonlight hours. We headed there around 9pm, just after we had finished dinner and it was virtually empty. The palace was completely lit up and looked absolutely incredible. We were able to walk through each of the rooms at a steady pace, without feeling rushed by any crowds. With so many amazing painted ceilings and grand staircases, it is definitely the kind of place you want to take your time walking through. We also got the opportunity to walk across the Bridge of Sighs, seeing Venice lit up by night.

4) Piazzo San Marco at Night

Piazzo San Marco at night

The majority of tourists that visit Venice come for the day, but if you stay even just one night, it is something you will not regret. If you follow the winding maze of streets to Piazzo San Marco, you be engulfed with the visual beauty of the architecture and slowly sinking cobblestones as the water begins to rise. St Mark’s square is filled with lots of timeless restaurants, vying for the best music. Take a seat in the square and sit and listen to some of the beautiful live music.

Little insta tip, the reflections in the puddles that begin to form make for great photos if you are trying to capture the Basilica San Marco.

5) Head out of the main city


Bit of a curveball, but while visiting Venice why not take yourself out of the main city and head somewhere else in Veneto. There are some beautiful, less crowded towns that not many people get to see – but these are most definitely worth visiting. On our last day, we took the time to visit Treviso (Treviso airport was convenient for us because it flys to loads of UK destinations with Ryanair, and cheaply). It cost us €3.50 each to get train tickets to Treviso and once there we were able to leave our suitcases at the station and go exploring. Treviso is a really beautiful, quaint town that has an Apline charm to it.


Venice is definitely one of my favourite places, and I would happily go visit again!