How to Easily Include Protein in Your Fitness Routine

Get Nourished Iced Coffee

Just to be clear, I am no fitness expert. I do however go to the gym on a regular basis – mainly for the gym gym or to go to Body Pump classes (one of my favourite gym classes!) Body Pump is basically a weights class, and one that I noticed a difference in my body after attending just a couple of classes. But one difficulty that I have is finding the time to eat before the gym, so that I have had enough time to digest my food.

I like to go to the gym either first thing in the morning or after work – both of which are great times if you are trying to plan when to eat. When I go first thing in the morning I am never hungry so usually have to force something down, as there has been more than one occasion of me nearly passing out in the gym from not eating first thing! And then after work I am usually starving but obviously can’t eat a big meal just before hitting the gym. So you can see my issue…

The ultimate pre-workout drink

So having had the issue of not being able to eat before the gym, I was more than willing to try the new Get Nourished Iced Coffees*. These flavoured coffees are filled with 25g of protein, which is in actual fact more protein than a steak! They are also lactose and gluten free – which is fab as I have been really trying to cut down on my lactose intake recently.

The Iced Coffees come in three flavours: Coconut and Cacao Mocha, Hazelnut and Cacao Mocha, and Vanilla Bean latte. All of which are delicious, but my favourite has to be the coconut one as I’m obsessed with anything coconut flavoured! They are also quite strong coffees, which definitely give you a well needed boost in the morning.

I have honestly loved having one of these before my morning workouts. They are really yummy drinks so are easy to drink first thing in the morning, and I’m not left feeling really bloated by the time I make it to the gym. They are also perfect for taking just before a Body Pump class to give me a well needed boost of energy after work.

Get Nourished Iced Coffee

Protein doesn’t need to be scary

I think that the majority of women shy away from protein as they think it is going to make them really muscular – which is not the case at all! Women have different hormones to men, so we don’t build as muscle at the same rate as they do.

Protein doesn’t need to be excluded from your diet. In fact, one of the main reasons I like to include protein in my fitness routine is because it keeps me fuller for longer. Having one of the Get Nourished Iced Coffees in the morning means that I can skip the mid-morning cravings.

If you fancy picking up a couple of these delicious Get Nourished Iced Coffees, then you can find them in Holland & Barrett for £2.99 each. Let me know which your favourite flavour is!

Get Nourished Iced Coffee

*I was kindly sent these Iced Coffees, however all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own. Post also contains affiliate links.