Why you need a Beautyblender in your makeup bag

Beauty Blender Makeup Tool

I’ve been using sponges in my daily application of makeup for a while, but have recently switched to the original Beautyblender, and I could not be more shocked. I don’t think I will ever be switching back to anything else. The results and finish you get when using one to apply your makeup is insane! They are one of those beauty tools that your makeup bag should definitely not be without.

They help perfect your base

I honestly can’t express how flawless my foundation and concealer looks when I apply it with a Beautyblender*. Just by using small tapping motions, I can easily blend away any lines of foundation and get my base looking perfected.

The texture is much more bouncy compared to other sponges. This makes it so easy to actually blend with, rather than it just absorbing all your foundation and just wiping it around your face.

Admittedly I have used the Beautyblender Micro minis before, and love them as they are great for concealing imperfections. They are just so tiny that they can’t be used to apply you foundation – you would be there forever! They do make a great pair with the original though.

How to use a Beautyblender

Beauty Blender Makeup Tool

Before using my Beautyblender, I like to dampen it. I know that in the instructions it recommends saturating it with water, squeezing out the excess and then blending your base from there – which does work well. However, I like to give it a few spritz of facial spray (currently using the Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Spray) to dampen the sponge. I find that it really helps to keep my makeup in place – though I obviously go on to set my makeup with powder afterwards.

Beautyblenders are super easy to clean

Cleaning brushes is such a chore and something everyone always dreads doing. But I have found cleaning my Beautyblender is so quick and easy, plus the drying time is kept to a minimum. This means that I might actually meet the expectations of cleaning my Beautyblender once a week… or so I’m trying!

Using the Beautyblender BlenderLiquid Cleanser*, I just put a little bit into my palm and rub it into a dampened Beautyblender. It works really quickly to draw out all the foundation and remnants of makeup. The cleanser is very gentle so it doesn’t rip or damage the Beautyblender while you are cleaning it – this is something I am always careful of, as a few other sponges I have previously used have suffered with big rips!

The packaging is perfect storage

Compared to makeup brushes, they are much easier to stash away, though I would definitely recommend keeping the packaging so that you can keep your Beautyblender inside when you want to pop it in your makeup bag. This just helps keep it clean and lowers the risk of it getting damaged. You need to protect your Beautyblender at all costs!

Are you a Beautyblender convert?

*I was kindly gifted this, but all thoughts are 100% honest and all my own. This post also contains affiliate links.