Anti-Ageing Tips for Young Skin

Being 24, anti-ageing skincare wasn’t really something I was thinking about just yet, until I started to see some fine lines under my eyes and started to panic. I didn’t quite have the full on “I’m getting old!” breakdown, but I did think that maybe there are a few things I could be doing to prevent these “wrinkle” from getting worse.

Anti-Ageing Skincare for Young Skin

With so many adverts around for anti-ageing skincare aimed at those with mature skin, more often than not the adverts are completely unrelatable, which means that I never really think of the products as appropriate for my “younger” skin. However, sk:n clinics actually have a couple of products in their range of skincare which are specifically aimed at anti-ageing for younger skin. And having just had my mini wrinkle panic, I was more than happy to give these products a go and hope they could work their magic.

sk:n Age-Delaying Cream for Younger Skin*

sk:n Clinics Anti Ageing For Younger Skin Face Cream and Eye Cream

The Age-Delaying Cream has been an absolute delight to use for the past month. I’ve been using it every morning, and my Environ face cream each evening, and my skin has never felt so hydrated! Containing peptides (a great anti-ageing skincare ingredient), the cream helps target fine lines and loss of firmness, while also regulating cell turnover.

While the cream has been really improving the surface of my skin through how hydrating it has been, the main benefit I have seen has been from using it on my neck. It’s not that I had really bad wrinkles there, more that the skin just felt a little rough on the surface, and this cream has massively helped. I can visibly see a clear improvement in my skin’s surface texture.

sk:n Brightening and Firming Eye Cream*

sk:n Clinics Anti Ageing For Younger Skin Face Cream and Eye Cream

Getting a good eye cream is the main skincare product I was looking to incorporate into my routine, because of the fine lines I spotted under my eyes. So adding the Brightening and Firming Eye Cream to my routine has been a great change. I’ve been using it both morning and evening, which has worked really well in my skincare routine as the cream doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

As well as the fine lines under my eyes, I also suffer from puffiness and dark circles. This cream has significantly helped to reduce my horrible bug eyes from them being so puffy! They’re no longer half as puffy as they once were and I have also definitely seen a reduction in the dark circles.

Tips to prevent ageing skin

Preventing the signs of ageing doesn’t need to be a difficult process. There are a few things you can change up in your daily routine that will really help in the long-term.

Protect your skin from the sun!

This is probably one of the most important things you can do to stop your skin from prematurely ageing. Invest in a good suncream and make sure you apply it regularly when exposing your skin to the sun. I would also recommend looking into makeup that also contains an SPF as this can be an easy way to protect your skin on an everyday basis.

Upgrade your skincare routine when necessary

With younger skin, lighter products are most likely to be included in your routine as they are suitable for your skin type. But as you get older you might want to think about changing those products up for something a little richer that will be more suited to anti-aging.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

I have recently done this as I read about all the benefits. I mainly use a silk pillowcase to help prevent acne, but it can also help with anti-ageing. The silk is much softer on the skin and means that you won’t suffer from sleep lines. You will also feel like an absolute queen sleeping on a silk pillowcase!

Do you have any anti-ageing tips?

*I was kindly sent these products but all thoughts are my own and 100% honest.