Festival Glitter at it’s Finest

essence cosmetics loose glitter and pigmentsAs soon festival season heads our way, glitter seems to pop out of here, there and everywhere, and I am definitely not complaining! Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?! Yes, it does get everywhere and you will still be finding bits in your hair weeks later, but for a bit of sparkle, it is always worth it.

That’s why I was so excited to see that Essence has released a range of different glitters, pigments and sequins*, which will be absolutely amazing for all festivals/summer parties/holidays basically every occasion. Essence has always been one of my favourite makeup brands as they have such amazing products. So I love that they have expanded their range to now include some sparkle!

essence cosmetics loose glitter and pigments

With 15 different variations in the range, you can literally match your glitter choice to your outfit – perfect if you ask me! Priced at just £3 each, they are an absolute steal. I’ve seen others like this that are much pricier, but you needn’t spend that much on them. £3 is a great price in my opinion, as it means you can afford to get a few of the colours to mix and match your sparkly looks.

There is also a Glitter Primer* in the range so you can get creative with how you want to wear your funky sparkles. The Glitter Primer gives enough tackiness to hold the glitter in place. It is also fairly easy to remove – it’s just getting every single bit of glitter off that is the problem!

essence cosmetics loose glitter and pigments

To apply the glitter to the primer, there is a silicone applicator* (£1.50). With a precise tip and flat edge, the tool makes it super easy to swipe glitter over the primer to get it to stick in place. It is basically a much neater way of making sure you don’t get glitter absolutely everywhere!

Glitter Trends I’m Loving

essence cosmetics loose glitter and pigments

There are literally so many different ways to add some sparkle to your look. In particular, I have been loving glitter lips. I know they might not be the most practical way of wearing glitter, but they do look way cool!

I also really like it worn in your parting. When you’re a festival obviously can’t wash your hair, this could be a great way of covering up your roots.

If you fancy something a little more subtle, using some of the sequins on the side of your face can look cute – especially if it is a little star!

What glitter looks are your favourite? Will you be trying any out this summer?

*I was kindly gifted these items, however all thoughts are my own. Post also contains affiliate links.