In Defence of the Classic Cami

Cami Top Outfit

Camis are my fave. They are an essential that no wardrobe can be or should be complete without. They are more often than not the glue that holds any good outfit together. But I am here to tell you that a cami is more than just a see-through top saver. They can *shock horror* be worn as a key piece of your outfit… Just hear me out.

Cami Top Outfit

1. They aren’t all boring

Not all camis need to be a huge yawn fest. They have come a long way since secondary school days when those basic £2.50 Primark camis were a life savour for wearing under our see-through school blouses (srsly – did no one test the school blouses before making them compulsory uniform?).

Cami Top Outfit

Necklace* – Sacet
Sunglasses – Rayban
Khaki Biker Jacket – Missguided
Square Neck Cami – Asos
Jeans – Topshop
Bag – Zara (old)
Trainers – Converse

Cami Top Outfit

Thing is, camis are no longer boring. You can get them in a wide array of colours, patterns, necklines, and even as bodys! And I have to say, I am LIVING for square necklines right now. I’m literally all over anything that has a square neckline. So much so that I actually own 6 different square neckline camis. I have the one I’m wearing in these photos, in white (obvs), black, cropped white, cropped black and a couple of patterned ones. You can never have too many square neckline camis in your wardrobe!

2. They don’t all need heavily accessorising

Following on nicely from my last point about camis not being boring… The camis that come in funky prints or have a square neckline (did I already mention I own 6 different square neck camis..?) are already here and ready to complete your outfit. You don’t need to go all out with the accessories, as sometimes simple is better.

Take this gorgeous Sacet Perched Butterfly Necklace* for example. Worn over the top of a plain white square neck cami, it works so well because of its simplicity. I tried it with a few other tops like bardot ones and various blouses etc, but it just got lost on the outfit, when what I really wanted to do was show off this gorgeous necklace. So with one of my fave square neck camis, you can really highlight the simplicity of smaller jewellery pieces.

Cami Top Outfit Cami Top Outfit

And Sacet is most definitely the absolute best place to go if you’re looking for some really beautiful, but simple pieces of designer jewellery. They have some lovely, delicate pieces of jewellery and what’s more, they are all ethically made! With a sustainable approach to jewellery, they are conscious of every step of the process and “are committed to creating designer jewellery that’s better for all parties involved: designers, craftspeople, miners, you.” I even received a small booklet with my necklace that showed the faces and names of the craftsmen that created my beautiful necklace, which I think is a really cute, little touch.

3. They are perfect for this in-between weather stage

Cami Top Outfit

English weather sucks. Fact. But doesn’t mean our outfits have to! Camis can play a crucial part in getting your wardrobe sorted in this rubbish in-between weather stage. They pair well with just about any jacket or cardigan – in fact, I am yet to find something they don’t work well with. So for this in-between weather, they can be a great piece to go for when you know it is going to be a cold morning but be hot by the afternoon.

All in all, I think camis are well in need of a good revival. They have a “boring” stigma surrounding them at the moment, but like the butter that holds our sandwiches together (is that the right expression?) we need them! And yes, I am aware that I have written a whole blog post kind of like the lack of cami love is a worldwide epidemic, BUT we all need to learn to love camis again in my opinion.

Cami Top Outfit

Photos by Hannah.

*I was kindly gifted this item, however all thoughts are my own. Post also contains affiliate links.