Unique ‘New Home’ Gifts

My best friend (hi, Hannah!) just moved into her first house with her fiancé, and it got me thinking about cool gifts I could buy for the occasion. You have all the classics like a photo frame, a candle or flowers etc. But I wanted to go for something a little bit different – and let me tell you, it was hard to find a unique new home gift! So I’ve put together a roundup of a few really cool suggestions, that will make buying a new home gift that little bit easier. 

A Doormat

Hola IWOOT Door Maat

Something so useful, but still quite an unusual new home gift. I think a doormat is actually quite a cool present to give to someone for their new home. On IWOOT you can get some really funky designs, such as this Hola doormat* or this Prosecco one. With so many ones to choose from, I feel like you can get a little more personal with the design you choose. And like I mentioned before, it is always going to be a really practical gift, but you can definitely have a bit of fun with the pattern or motif you go for.

A Corkcicle

Orange Corkcicle

So this is what I ended up buying Hannah… a Corkcicle! And before you say anything, I think my reasoning behind it was pretty good. When you move house, you get given a lot of champagne, prosecco and wine etc. So my thinking was, all of that alcohol needs to be chilled, and what better way to do it than with a Corkcicle! Obviously, I gave it to her with a bottle of champagne too, so I thought the two gifts made a cool pairing.

A Flamingo Lamp

IWOOT Flamingo Lamp

You might have already seen this in my Bedside Table Setup, but if not, how cool is this flamingo lamp*? And how great would this be to give as a new home gift! I know that things like artwork and statement homeware pieces are usually down to personal preference and best left to the actual homeowner to decide on, but let’s be honest – who wouldn’t love to receive this as a gift for their new house?!

Gin Pong

Gin Pong

If the person you are buying a gift for is planning on having a housewarming party, then this is most definitely the gift for them. Gin Pong is such a great gift because it is just so much fun! And if your friend hasn’t planned a housewarming party, then this gift kind of twists their arm and encourages them to organise something…

A Cactus Pen Pot

IWOOT Cactus Pen Pot

I think this is a super cute gift for a new home – and great if you want to get something smaller. This cactus pen pot* would make an adorable present for anyone moving house. Like the doormat, it is another one of those useful but quirky gifts that would actually be put to good use. Everyone needs a pen pot! Mine has been super useful on my work desk for keeping my stationary organised.

*I was kindly gifted these items, however all thoughts are my own. Post also contains affiliate links.