What’s On My Work Desk?

Work Desk SetupIf I want to be motivated to get on with some work or write a blog post, then I need to have the right kind of setup. There is nothing more unproductive than sitting down at a messy desk – it is just so unmotivating! So I always try to keep my workspace (when I’m not working from my bed) completely uncluttered. There are just a few essentials I have to keep on my desk while I am working.

Cactus Pen Pot

IWOOT Cactus Pen Pot

IWOOT Cactus Pen Pot

I don’t know how or why, but I always seem to end up with an influx of pens. So having a cool pen pot to store them in is absolutely essential – much better than them ending up in a mess all over my desk. This Cactus Pen Pot* from IWOOT is the absolute perfect organiser for keeping all my stationery in one place – plus it looks so much better than the old mug I used to use to store pens. What’s also really useful is that this pen pot is magnetic, so instead of always losing paperclips, you can just keep them stuck to the sides – genius! The cactus arms are super handy for keeping hair ties on too, so when I am in really power mode with my writing I can keep my hair out of my face.

I also got this really funky flamingo lamp* from IWOOT, which you need to check out!


A Mug for Coffee Sustenance

A Gift From the Gods

So you don’t want a mug to store your pens in, but for all the coffee to keep you going! This cute lil’ mug is from A Gift From The Gods* and is the perfect size to keep you going throughout the day. I don’t think any desk is complete without a mug! I’m always in need of a good coffee to get me going with whatever I need to write. I literally cannot function in the mornings until I have had my first cup of coffee.

Washi Tape

Ban.Do Washi Tape

You never know when you’re going to need some tape, so it is always handy to have some close. And why use plain, boring tape when you can get funky patterns like this Ban.do paper tape. Washi tape is much easier to use as you can rip it rather than having to use your teeth or scissors. It can also be really great to write notes on if you can’t find any post it notes.

A Planning Pad

A Gift From the Gods Weekly Planning Pad

Without some kind of plan in place, my blog would be all over the place. I like to keep a content calendar on my work desk, so I know when things need to go live. This Planning Pad* is absolutely essential to make sure I am hitting all my deadlines and gives me reminders of when and what I need to do in the week. I really like that I can just rip of the sheet at the end of the week and feel like I have achieved everything I need to!

IWOOT Cactus Pen Pot

What do you need stored close on your work desk?

*I was kindly gifted any items marked with (*), however all thoughts are my own. Post also contains affiliate links.