Makeup I’m Taking on Holiday

Holiday Makeup

So next Tuesday I officially go away to Thailand for two weeks and I am just so excited! I’ve started packing a few bits and bobs, so thought I would put together a post showing the makeup I’m taking away with me. Knowing that it is going to be very hot out there, my makeup bag isn’t going to have loads in it, but I am definitely going to be bringing the essentials with me. These are mainly the bits of makeup I will be wearing in the evening as I probably won’t be wearing makeup in the day.

Holiday Makeup

Starting with the base, I don’t want anything too heavy, so I’m going for the BareMinerals Performance Wear Foundation. It is a great lightweight option and actually has fairly good coverage considering it is a powder (read my full review here). I also have fairly oily skin, so this is a great choice for helping keep my skin looking matte. I’m probably going to pack a concealer too, but I haven’t yet decided which one… I need to buy a new one because all my current ones are going to be way too light for me!

Holiday Makeup

Next up is the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Beauty Glow . This is absolutely amazing for travelling as it has the most amazing bronzer (must buy this full-size!), two blushes, a highlight and three eyeshadows, all in one compact. It makes it so easy for travelling as you only need to remember the one palette. Plus the shades inside are really nice and perfect for wearing day to night.

Crown Brush Travel Makeup Brush Set

To apply everything I’m going to be taking the Crownbrush 601 Mini Travel Brush Set*, which is this really cute, little set of seven brushes. It comes with a powder brush, tapered brush, eyeshadow brush, angled liner brush, crease brush, lip brush and spoolie, so basically everything you will need. These brushes are super soft, which makes them a dream to apply makeup with. I know they will be perfect for applying the Charlotte Tilbury palette.

They come in a pouch, which fits them all nicely and has a zip pocket on the side to store any extras like cotton buds etc. It folds up into such a tiny bundle that they take up absolutely no room at all in my makeup bag, so they are definitely travel essentials if you’re suitcase is filled up to the brim. You can literally squeeze them into the tiniest of spaces.

For brows I am taking both my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade and Wunderbrow. I couldn’t decide between the two and really want to test out just how long Wunderbrow lasts for in water so will definitely be doing a full review of this at some point. So if Wunderbrow fails me then at least I will have my brow pomade to hand.

I am having LVL lashes done next weekend, which is basically an eyelash perm, so I don’t really need mascara but I am going to take some anyway. I’ve ordered myself a travel-sized Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara. I’ve been looking for a good waterproof mascara that doesn’t crumble, and the full-size of this had some good reviews so thought I would give it a go for myself and see how I get on.

Holiday Makeup

I’m a little undecided on which lipsticks to take at the moment as I want to have a few colours, but not go overboard and pack like ten lipsticks, knowing full well that I will probably only wear two of them. So, for now, I am going to stick with one of my classic faves like Mac Fast Play, and probably also pack a couple of colours from the Bourjois Rouge Velvet collection.

Twist & Spritz Fragrance Atomizer

I really want to take some perfume as well, but not sure whether to risk it as I know that it can attract mosquitos. I have a Twist and Spritz Fragrance Atomizer* which stores 8ml of fragrance (about 100 sprays). These are so handy if you have perfume stored in a really nice, but often clunky bottle, which makes them perfect for popping in your handbag or travelling with. It is the kind of thing that you always need for a holiday, but tend to forget about in time – so this is me telling you now that you need to buy one ready for your summer holiday! I know that if I don’t take mine with me to Thailand, I will definitely be filling it up with my favourite fragrance at the moment, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, to take with me to Budapest in August.

And I think that is everything! I really, really hope I don’t forget anything important…

*I was kindly gifted these items, but all thoughts are my own. Post also contains affiliate links.