Cambridge | The Parker’s Tavern

University Arms Parker's Tavern Bar

If you have already read my previous blog post, you will have seen that I was invited down to the University Arms hotel with some of the Cambridge bloggers group. We were treated to a tour of the rooms, and afterwards, go to enjoy an absolutely delicious dinner at The Parker’s Tavern.

University Arms Parker's Tavern Bar University Arms Parker's Tavern Bar


After having toured the beautiful suites, I was definitely ready for some food! Tristan Welch, the Head Chef at the Parker’s Tavern, had picked out some of his favourite dishes from the menu to serve us.

University Arms Parker's Tavern Menu


So to start we had tempura courgette, served with lovely, fresh honey to drizzle over the top. This was also served alongside homemade burrata & heirloom tomato with a basil dressing, which was equally as delicious as the courgette. Both were great dishes to start with as they were fairly light but full of flavour.

University Arms Parker's Tavern Courgette Tempura University Arms Parker's Tavern Fresh Honey University Arms Parker's Tavern Homemade Burrata and Heirloom Tomatoes with Basil Dressing

Accompanying my food I decided to go for a mocktail as I, unfortunately, could not have another cocktail on account that I had to drive home from the train station… boo! After a quick browse of the delicious-sounding mocktails, I went for the Plum fizz which consisted of plum, vanilla, lavender and soda.

University Arms Parker's Tavern Plum Fizz Mockail


Then on to mains… I opted for the Saffron Walden lamb with tomatoes, cumin and peas – as I think everyone else did too! This was the most delicious piece of lamb, and I actually felt that it was a very generous-sized portion of meat. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I remember Tristan saying something along the lines of this dish taking around 36 hours to prepare… I can confidently say that it is well worth the wait!

University Arms Parker's Tavern Saffron Walden Lamb

Unfortunately, I then had to make a dash for the train station to get the last train home (would you believe it was at 10.50?!). I was so gutted to be missing out on dessert, as I have such a sweet tooth. But I guess that this just means I will have to pay the Parker’s Tavern another visit!