Review | Arbonne It’s All in the Eyes Volume 1 & 2

I was kindly gifted these eyeshadow palettes, however, all thoughts are my own. 

Arbonne it's all in the eyes eyeshadow palette volume 2

My eyeshadow collection seems to be doubling in size recently but I’m not complaining! I don’t think you can ever have too many eyeshadows… New in my collection are the Arbonne It’s All in the Eyes Volume 1 & 2 eyeshadow palettes. And let me tell you, these are a dream.

Containing a range of earthy and gemstone tone hues, each palette has a lush selection of beautiful, wearable eyeshadows. I can honestly say I would quite happily wear all the colours day to day, and evening – which is unusual as you would normally get a couple of shades in a palette that are just a firm no.

Each of the palettes has a range of 12 lovely shades with a variation of both matte and shimmery finishes. This makes it so much easier when doing your base, crease and highlighter as there are just so many options! What’s more, each of the shades contains cucumber extract and sunflower seed oil to condition the eyelid, which also gives the eyeshadows a super velvety feel.

Arbonne It’s All in the Eyes Volume 1

So this is the palette described as having the shades inspired by earthy terrains, which I can totally see. There are some beautiful satin matte shades in the top row: fog, sand, caraway and clove. Each of these are so pigmented and perfect for blending out as a base.

Arbonne it's all in the eyes eyeshadow palette volume 1 shade range

The two rows below are more shimmer shades, which again are still highly pigmented in colour with only a little fallout. I have to say, out of all the shades Juniper (a shimmer taupe), cactus (a shimmer peach), and Forest (a shimmer khaki) have really taken my eye. These are all such strong pigmented shades that you can build up your eyeshadow to create a really striking look.

Wearing base: Sand, crease: Juniper and shimmer: Cactus

Arbonne It’s All in the Eyes Volume 2

This eyeshadow palettes offers a range of gemstone inspired shades with a selection of 12 satin and shimmer shades. I would say that out of the two palettes this is slightly more of a night-time palette, but worn lightly some of the shades would still definitely work for day to day looks.

Arbonne it's all in the eyes eyeshadow palette volume 2 shade range

I’m actually finding it hard to choose a favourite shade in this palette, as quite honestly they are just all so pretty. I also love the fact that they each have their own gemstone names which work so well with the colour range.

Wearing base: Stone, crease: Sapphire, liner: Onyx and Slate in the corners of my eyes

What is quite nice about this palette is that some of the looks have already been created. So if you look down from the top of the palette, you can match three shades in a row. For example, Quartz, opal and Prism would be a really nice combination for base, crease and shimmer.

Each palette costs £50 each, which in my opinion is a little steep for only 12 shades. However, I will be honest and say that the shade range is beautiful and the texture of each eyeshadow is high quality. I’m just not sure if I myself would spend £50 on each… I have just moved to London and my bank balance is definitely feeling it!

One thing to note is that Arbonne is cruelty-free, so if you were willing to spend £50 on the palette, you could be doing it guilt free! What do you think of the palettes and the shade ranges?